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Muvee GoPro Action Bundle Coupon Code

Everyone loves taking pictures, and to record videos on our cameras. But not every of those videos actually end up great. Some are affected by movement or unstable landscape like when you are surfing, or on a boat, or biking or something. This results in horribly shaky videos.

Now that is not the only problem we face with videos. Sometimes we may shoot a long video, which ends up boring, but has few minutes of good content. But due to the large files size, or because of the long duration for which the video runs, we can’t share this video online. Even if you do, nobody will watch them, I mean who has the patience for it.

Also, we believe that videos are better than photos, even when you don’t have videos to share of say a vacation or something. How is that possible? Solving these problems is easier than you think. Let’s see now, you need something for video stabilization, a video trimmer, and a slideshow maker. What if you could get all three off these software, at once? In a single package? Sounds interesting, yeah? That is exactly what you can get from the Muvee GoPro Action Bundle.

The bundle comprises of three excellent applications from Muvee:

  • Turbo Video Cutter
  • Turbo Video Stabilizer
  • Reveal Finale

Here’s what they can do.

Muvee Turbo Video Cutter

Turbo Video Cutter can be used for cutting a long video, and transform it to a shorter one, which only has the content which you want to share.

Muvee Turbo Video Cutter has a dark background them, and contrasting icons, which makes for a really well designed interface. The interface has three parts, a video pane, a sidebar on the right side, and a control bar on the bottom of the window.

When you add a video to the program, it is displayed on the central pane, aka the video player in Turbo Video Cutter. The name and the resolution of the video is displayed on the top, and there is a seek bar below the video player, which you can use to monitor to the time stamp, and to jump to a specific time position. There is a volume control bar, and a playback control bar below the video pane. There is one other bar with two markers at each end of the video, and dragging the one on the left marks the starting point of the video, while the one on the right marks the end point. It is the portion of the video which is between the markers, which will be saved, the other portions will be deleted or cut.

Click on the button with the scissors icon, and the video will be trimmed. Easy as pie.

Muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer

Sometimes the videos we take on our cameras and smartphones end up jumpy because you were in a moving vehicle, or the device experienced some sort of shakiness due to an unsteady hand. You can correct the videos, by using Muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer.

Muvee GoPro Action Bundle Coupon Code

This software uses motion based technology, which measures all 6 degrees of motion, to correct the video, to a watchable one. The interface of the program is not dissimilar to the other software from Muvee. Turbo Video Stabilizer has a dark theme for the GUI, and is divided into 4 sections.

The video pane is where you can review the muvee, and the playback controls are what you use to play and pause or jump before or ahead in the video. The video editor bar allows you to mark the start and end time positions, then hit the stabilize button and the selected portion of the video will be converted into a stabilized one. You can quickly share the stabilized video on to YouTube, Facebook, using the share bar on the bottom right corner of the window.

Muvee Reveal Finale

Muvee Reveal Finale is a really cool software, which can take your photos and videos, and use them to create a movie, or muvee, as the company is called. All you have to do is simply add the photos and videos you want to be in the muvee, to the program, and then select the order you want them in.

Muvee GoPro Action Bundle Coupon Code

Then you can use the program to quickly add superb transitions and effects, using the built-in templates called styles. Each style can be previewed when double clicked upon, which shows a video demo. There are a few styles available already in the software but you can buy more style packs if you want to. Every style has a sound track to complement the muvee, after all what is a video without music, right?Don’t like the music?  You can change the track to something you like, and of course you can create your own styles too.

The video preview pane can be used to see how your final muvee will look, before you save the result. And when you are happy with it , save the video in one of the following formats: WMV, MPEG-4, AVI etc. In a rush and want to edit later? No worries, Muvee Reveal Finale can save your project to return where you left it at.

You can also share the muvees you create to social networks, or via email, or send them directly to your smartphone or tablet devices.

Whether you are a serious photographer who wants quick editing tools, to make albums out of your videos and photos, or a casual GoPro camera user, we recommend you this amazing collection of tools. The Muvee GoPro Action Bundle is the only thing you need, if you want to trim long videos, stabilize shaky videos, and make a slideshow montage out of your photo and video collection.

Buy Muvee GoPro Action Bundle at a very affordable price, and save with our exclusive discount code.