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Do you take a lot of photos? Regardless of whether you are a pro-photographer who has a DSLR camera, or a hobbyist photographer with a good smartphone camera, you may want to show off your skill with a lens, to your friends and family? Well, you could create an album and play them as a slideshow, and explain every thing to the viewer.

Muvee Reveal Finale Coupon Code

But what if there was a more interesting way to make a slideshow. Like for example, adding a collection of your photos, and make a cool video using it? That would be pretty amazing, right?

And that is exactly what Muvee Reveal Finale is designed for. Let’s tell you more about it in this review of the program.

Muvee Reveal Finale has a good welcome screen which has an animated background, and a nice preview video, which acts like a trailer for the program’s fearures. Click anywhere on the screen to be taken to the interface of the application.

Muvee Reveal Finale has a really nice interface, and has three sections, which are (literally numbered) as follows:

1. Add photos and video

2. Choose a style

3. View your muvee.

The first section allows you to add a collection of photos or videos, which the program combines to create the muvee. In case you did not guess it already, videos, which you create with Reveal Finale, are called muvee (a word play on movie).

You can add photos and videos from your computer, camera, camcorder, AHCHD, video snapshots or intertitles. The number of photos you have added, along with the video’s total duration will be displayed on the top of the 1st section.

Once you add some photos or videos, you will see a thumbnail of them, in the exact order they will appear in the video. These thumbnails are placed right in the “add photos and videos” section.

Hover the mouse over a picture or video, to get a new set of options. This allows you to add an intertitle, captions, rotate the picture, and allows you to set how long each photo should be displayed for, before transitioning to the next picture.

The magicspot option lets you control the motion of a picture, while the add graffiti option can be used to draw something on your photo.

Use the second option to choose a style, can be used for adding a really cool transition, music, and some other effects to your video.

If you are not interested in customizing the video, you can simply use one of the templates available in Muvee Reveal Finale, which you can use to quickly create a movie.

Hit the dropdown menu to access the different style menus. Select a stulke to view its name, description, and to change the music track. Double click on a style to view a larger preview (animated sample) of the style. This connects to the internet to generate the preview. You can use the Style Settings on the right corner of each of the Styles, to customize it, and the Save Style button on the bottom right corner to retain your customized style.

Each style has its own settings, and customization options such as pace, beat responsiveness, bounciness, hover, background theme, caolor stauration, color effect, and the strength of the color effect. In addition to this, you can also customize the font styles which are used for the captions and the intertitles.

There are 5 preset styles built-om to the application, which you can use. Muvee Reveal Finale also allows you to create your own Styles too. That is really generous we believe, and you can customize every aspect of the style. But if you want more preset Styles, you can buy some extra style packs from the developer.

When you have a set of pictures or videos added, to the program, the third section of Muvee Reveal Finale will change to a video player window. It has a time seek bar, a volume control bar, a play and pause button, and options to change the aspect ratio, and switch to full screen mode.

Muvee Reveal Finale Coupon Code

Click the personalize option to change some advanced features such as configuring the music duration, faces in videos, the motion and brightness settings for the video. You can also enable pan and zoom options, crop portrait photos to fit the screen, and slo-motion to reduce the speed at which the video plays. The Crossfade option, and the mixer can be used to customized the music, video, voiceover and Style SFX options.

If you wish to add a cinematic title such as a date, introduction, a film by and other such information, you can do so from the Personalize options. Likewise you can also add some credits, and a logo to your muvee.

You can save the video to your computer, or burn it to a disc too. The sabe in any format option is what we liked the most as it lets you choose the video’s output format. Each video format option has a description next to each listing which says which device the video will be compatible with, and also displays the output file’s size. So you can choose the one which you think will suit your device.

A muvee made by the program can be saved into one of the following video formats: WMV, MPEG-4, AVI etc. Alternatively, you can save an ongoing project, and come back to it and pick up where you left off. This saves all the settings and the style options which you selected for the muvee project.You can export your movies to Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, or share them via email, or to a smartphone or tablet of your choice too.

Muvee Reveal Finale offers a superb user friendly experience, to create a movie collage of your photos and videos.

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