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Muvee Style Pack Mega Bundle Coupon Code

Everyone likes a good photo. What makes a photo, a good photo? Everything actually, the angle, the background, the lighting, the shadows, the subject, and of course the most important factors in it are the clarity and the colours.

How do photographers achieve this anyway? What is the secret behind this? If your answer involves the words, a DSLR camera, well you are not actually wrong, but a camera is as only as good as the photographer, speaking in terms of the skills of course. But everyone knows that a quality photograph is not always an unedited one. In fact more often than not, the best images of a photographer are always edited ones. That’s why they snap images in RAW format and the like, to edit them to polish and refine the photo in to a masterpiece.

The same goes for videos or video albums which they create. Usually for this, they add various effects and filters to make the picture look really awesome. But not everyone has the knowledge or the time for all this editing, which is why people prefer a software solution which they can use to achieve a similar goal.

The one we use is called Muvee Reveal Finale, and that’s because it is not a photo editor. It is a software which can create slideshows and movies out of a collection of photos. Now, what does this have to do with photo quality you may ask.

That’s because Muvee Reveal Finale has a special feature, which is called Styles. What are Styles?

Muvee has a patented patented AI of sorts, which it terms as Artistic Intelligence engine. This AI analyzes your photos for some elements, and automatically applies some effects, transitions, etc, to enhance the video greatly. These effects and filters, are called Styles.

Using these, anyone, even someone who literally has no knowledge about photography, and the factors which affect a picture, can benefit by enhancing the photos which collectively form a video slideshow. These slideshow movies are called “muvees”.

So, even if you are a professional photographer, we would still recommend this bundle to you. Why? Because not only does it save you time, but it is of the quality you are used to. So you can spend your time working on multiple projects.

How exactly does one apply a style to a muvee?

It is quite simple actually. After you have addeed a set of photos or videos in Muvee Reveal Finale, you will have an option on the left edge of the program, just below the area where the thumbnails of the photos and videos which you added to the project can be seen.

Muvee Style Pack Mega Bundle Coupon Code

Every style is listed here in alphabetical order of its name. Each style has a description to go along with it, and a small thumbnail preview. Double click on a style, and you will see a visual demo of the style, and the animations and transitions it can do. You can add a music track or audio recording to any style, and change the one which is available by default.

Muvee Reveal Finale only has a handful of Styles which comes with it, for free. But hey you can create your own Styles for free, or use ones which others have made.

But, if you want your muvees to look really spectacular, there is only one way to go, and that is by getting the Muvee Style Pack Mega Bundle.

This bundle is actually a collection of Styles designed by the company, which makes the software, so quality is assured. And the best part is that you get so many styles, that you can use these packs for any occassion. There are 13 Style Packs available in this bundle. And every single one of these packs, has three styles in it. We decided to list them out for you, so here it is.

Every style available in the Muvee Style Pack Mega Bundle, classified according to their packs:

From Zero to Hero:

  • Action – Pump it Up!, Hexplode and Stop Motion
  • Adrenaline Rush – Smooth, Splatz and Techno Buzz
  • California – Mojave, Tahoe and Sunset Blvd
  • The above three styles are actually part of the GoPro Action Styles Bundle.
  • And here are the styles in the Photographer’s Favorite pack

Essentials – Artiste, Tribute and Foreign Cinema.

  • photoElegance – Reflections, Classic Vanilla and Journal
  • photoFabulous – Postcard, Polaroid and Lomo Loco
  • photoFocus – Raindrops, Reminisce and Showcase.
  • photoGenie – Grunge, Aurora and Cosmic.

Vacations, Family & Fun pack:

  • Mix it Up – Turn Back Time, Soar and Squares.
  • photoFamily – Corkboard, Lovestruck and Industrial.
  • Retro – Coachella, Color Television and Catwalk
  • Wedding – Quiet Romance, Kiss and Velvet.
  • Christmas – Santa, Presents and Starry Night.

And you also get a very cool bonus for free with the Muvee Style Pack Mega Bundle. Wait for it, you get 6 bonus premium stylepacks for absolutely nothing. And that will bring the number in this bundle, to an incredible total of 45 stylePacks, which you can choose from. Wow, right? You bet it is.

Premium StylePacks:

  • Candles in the Wind – Always with us. Shining bright.
  • Haunted – Chilling to the bone.
  • Holiday Blessings – Holiday remembrance.
  • New York – City skylines and controlled chaos. Perfectly NYC.
  • Winter Wonderland – It’s a winter wonderland!
  • Videogram – Give meaning to your memories.

This bundle is very rightly called as the complete ultimate auto-editing package, because the sheer number of styles is amazing. You can use them for your birthday, wedding, holiday season, and also make cool retro albums, etc.

Why waste time adding filters manually, or working with thrid party apps with clunky interfaces, which may or may not make the end result look good? Get this bundle and let Muvee do the magic. It saves you time, and makes a great impression with the stunning effects it offers. What more could we want?

Buy Muvee Style Pack Mega Bundle at a very affordable price, and save with our exclusive discount code.