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When we shoot videos on our phones and cameras, sometimes we may record content which is not so important. Like say for example a 5 minute video could have 3 winutes of not so good footage, but the other two minutes could have interesting content, like a beatiful bird flying in to the view finder, or a funny prank, like someone dropping a cake on a friend’s head, or your cat or dog playing in a silly way.

Muvee Turbo Video Cutter Coupon Code

See, regardless of the video, a joke or a special moment won’t be as entertaining, if you have to watch like 3 or 4 minutes of boring video. Right? What if you could cut that video to only have the moments which are actually important?

This will not only make it easier to watch, but also reduces the file’s size which makes them faster to share online Sure you could use one of the free video editors amd converters out there. But honestly how many of these offer a half decent interface, or actually live up to their promise. Why bother with those when you have a quality software standing by?

Say hi to Muvee Turbo Video Cutter. Why exactly should you use this software? There is only one way to find out.

We were really impressed with the interface of Muvee Turbo Video Cutter. The dark theme is nicely complemented by the simple yet elegant icons, which gives the whole design a pleasant aesthetic.The GUI has three sections: a large pane on the upper portion, a side bar on the right edge, and a control bar right below the central pane. The first thing you need to do, is import a video to the app.

Muvee Turbo Video Cutter Coupon Code

To do so, hit the + button, to browse for a folder which has a video file that you want to edit in Muvee Turbo Video Cutter. Or you could open Windows File Explorer, and simply drag the file on to the interface of the video cutter, and drop it. This will add the file for editing.

You will now see the video on the GUI, and the file name along with the resolution of the video is displayed on the top of the window. There is a timer bar just below the video pane, which of course tells you the time stamp of the video at that moment, and also displays the entire time duration of the media. Now there is a bar beneath this, and that is the seekbar, clicking on and moving the cursor, will take you to the specific time in the video.

The bar below it is a special one, we will explain about it a bit later. Next to this, on the right edge, is the volume control bar.

The final bar on the bottom left corner, is the playback control bar, which allows you to play the video, or pause it. You can also use this to jump to the previous or next frame too, which makes it easier and more accurate to edit the video.

Let’s get back to the 2nd bar below the time bar. This one has two markers at the start and at the end of the video. Drag the marker to the left, to where you want the video to start from, and the right marker to where you want the video to end. Click and hold the mouse button on the marker, to view the time at which it is set.

You can also do this by clicking the Set In and Set Out point buttons, next to the large scissors button. Now you have made a selection of a specific portion of the video, just click on the scissors button, which by the way is the Create Clip button. This will cut out all the portions of the video, which are outside the markers. Congratulations, you have just trimmed a video and that too, in just three steps. How amazing is that? That is why we recommend it to all, regardless of your computer skill level.

This will start the trimming process, and this in fact is a very fast one. The resultant video will be available on the right sidebar of Muvee Turbo Video Cutter. You will be able to see that the video is in its original quality, and that is because no video conversion (decoding) was done at all.

You can use the program for trimming videos taken on cameras such as the GoPro, or for editing videod which you have saved on your computer or external storage devices. Muvee Turbo Video Cutter supports two input formats: MP4 and MOV, which are the most common video formats used by computer users and smartphone users alike.

Use the buttons in the top right corner to switch to a light theme, and to change the folder, where the program saves the videos which you have trimmed. You can also open the default save folder, by clicking on the explorer icon with the magnifying glass, which is found in the right side bar.

If you want to upload the edited video to a social network or a video sharing service, you are in luck. You don’t have to open the web browser for this. Look at the bottom of the Muvee Turbo Video Cutter’s interface. This has three icons: Facebook, YouTube and Muvee Cloud. Clicking on one of these buttons will allow you to upload the video to the selected service, and all you have to do is login to your respectiv account which you wish the video to be uploaded to.

If you want to trim long videos quickly, without compromising on the picture quality, this is the software you need. Muvee Turbo Video Cutter’s user friendliness is on par with its functionality. You can try Muvee Turbo Video Cutter for free for 3 days, before buying the program.

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