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Muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer Coupon Code

One of the biggest problems with shooting videos with a camera, is that sometimes we don’t hold the device well. And as a result of this, the video becomes a blurry and often shaky mess. It is seriously annoying, isn’t it?

We can blame it safely on gravity, or the camera’s weight. But sometimes other factors come in to play. You could be on a non-solid ground, like a sandy beach, or on a cruise ship which is rocking every second, or travelling in a car or something which is moving slowly. But we have to admit, shaky videos can also be an issue, when we are merely walking, or even when standing still

Sure you could use a tripod to negate this issue, but you can’t carry it with you all the time, right? So how do we fix shaky videos? The answer is a simple software called Muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer.

With this program, you can stabilize the video in such a way that the end result is a good quality video, which is of course, devoid of the issue at hand, quite literally.

How is this possible? The lens in your camera, as you very well know, record the videos in the direction the camera is facing, but due to unsteady hands, and changes in the camera position caused by sudden movements, the picture in the video gets distorted and jumpy. These shakes are caused by CMOS sensors in your camera,.

Most video stabilizers are known for using an alogrithm which measures for movement in only 2 directions. But, Muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer does it even better, because it measures all 6 degrees of motion. That’s awesome, right?

Okay just how difficult is it to use the program? To be honest, it is very user friendly, as you will see in this review.

Turbo Video Stabilizer has a dark theme for its interface, which we found to a very polished experience. The GUI comprises of 4 sections, a video pane, playback controls, a video editor bar, and a share bar.

To import a video to Turbo Video Stabilizer, click on the + button in the top left corner of the window. Or drag and drop a video on to the Turbo Video Stabilizer interface to get started. This will load the video on the player pane, which is the top half of the screen.

The side bar on the right has six options, and these are the 6 factors which Turbo Video Stabilizer will use to stabilize your video. The options are Horizontal Pan Shot, Vertical Pan Shot, Roll, Zoom, Horizontal Tilt, and Vertical Tilt.

From these options, you will get a better idea how the program reduces shakes in videos. There are various angles where shakes can occur, and Turbo Video Stabilizer takes them into account, and adjusts the video acordingly to counter the movement. This stabilization works for every pixel and frame, for the perfect video.

Use the volume bar on the left, just below the video pane to adjust the audio playback. The timer bar below the video pane shows you how long the video is, and in which time stamp, the current frame is in.

If you want to, you can rotate the video in 90 degree angles, before editing it. Then you can select and highlight a section of the video which you want to trim and stabilize. This can be done using the selection markers (also called In and Out). Finally you just need to click the stabilize button to start the process. Muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer will automatically analyze and correct the video to give you the best result possible. That is the large round button with the graph like icon inside it.

The program offers a preview which shows a before and after comparison of the video, post the stabilization process, which allows you to actually see how it has improved the quality of the video. You can change this preview to a side by side comparison, or a top and bottom comparison.

Muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer Coupon Code

Turbo Video Stabilizer can be used to correct videos shot from any camera, be it a point and shoo camera, or your camcorder, or your smartphone camera, or a GoPro which records 4K Ultra HD videos. Muvee’s software will convert the video, and save it using the H264 video encoding format, which is supported by almost every video sharing service and media player.

Speaking of web sharing services, the program allows you to upload the edited videos to Facebook and YouTube directly from its interface. All you need to do is to login to your account once, and from then on, upload videos with one click.

Video editing is sometimes a resource hungry process, which could potentiall slow your PC down to a crawl, until the process has been completed. But that’s not the case here, as Muvee’s software is actually not very taxing on your computer’s hardware. Turbo Video Stabilizer has multi-core, and multi-thread support. So it will use all of your CPU’s cores (like for e.g: all 4 cores in a quad core processor), and multi-thread means it will use not just the physical cores, but also the logical ones for a speedy performance, the maximum which your PC can handle.

You will need to sign up for a free muvee account, to use the software. You can create one directly from within the Turbo Video Stabilizer’s GUI, so you don’t need to even open your browser for this.

So let’s say you are skiing downhill, with a camera attached to your helmet. Will the video be shaky? Of course it will, and you know what can fix that video, Muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer. Its user friendliness will astound you, as it does the job in just about 3 clicks of the mouse.

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