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A picture says a thousand words, or so the adage goes. We agree, but it can actually say more than that. A good photo can bring back nostalgic moments, which will help you relive your special day.

Nothing is more precious than the look on the face of your sweetheart before you are wedded, right? Absolutely , there is no question about it. So how can you make a special day even more special?

By taking photos and videos of course. This way you can experience the joy of your wedding again and again. Isn’t that just the most romantic thing, I know right? Wedding photos and videos are also a great way to find out little anecdotes which you may have missed, engaging conversations between your loved ones, the expression on your family and friend’s faces when they witnessed the marriage ceremony.

There is a lot to look back to honestly. Okay, so what if you were not the one getting married. What if it was a relative, or a friend? You could make their day special too, more than by being present with them. You could make their day extra special. How?

Well you could gift them a really cool gift, like a movie of photos and videos of their wedding, with special effects added to it. And how do you do that?

With the Muvee Wedding Bundle of course. This bundle is a collection of special styles and filters, which you can use with Muvee Reveal Finale, which comes with it as part of the package.

Muvee Reveal Finale is a program which can convert your photos and videos into a very lively movie, or to be precise, a muvee. The interface of this program is very user friendly, and has a dark theme.

There are 4 parts in the GUI. A video pane, a playback control bar, a style side bar, and finally, a share bar.

Once you load a video or photos to Muvee Reveal Finale, you will notice that a new section appears in the top of the window. This is the thumbnail section, which can be used to adjust the content of the muvee which you are creating. Moving to the video player, on the right half of the screen, there is a bar which shows the total time of the video is the seekbar, which just like most media players, also displays the current time position as well. You can also switch the video preview to full screen mode, or to change the aspect ratio of the muvee between 4:3 and 16:9.

To the left edge of the screen, there is a sidebar with various thumbnails. This is the style bar, aka the one which you need for selecting which style to apply to your video.

By default Muvee Reveal Finale has a limited number of styles in it. But don’t worry, the Muvee Wedding Bundle has 4 special StylePacks in it: PhotoElegance, photoFabulous , Wedding and Videogram. The first three of these packs, each have three styles in them.

PhotoElegance has the following styles in it: Reflections, Classic Vanilla, Journal. photoFabulous has Postcard, Polaroid, Lomo Loco styles in it, while the Wedding stylePack has Quiet Romance, Kiss, and Velvet styles.

The fourth and final style in the bundle, is Videogram, which is a premium StylePack. So there are 10 styles in total, plus the default ones which come with the program.

Using the styles in the Wedding Bundle, does not require a deep amount of technical knowledge. In fact it is just as easy as clicking a few buttons. Every style has a name, a thumbnail, and a description next to it, which helps you identify a style quite quickly.

To see what a style pack does, without affecting your video, simply double click on a style to see a video preview of it. So you get an idea of what a style does, i.e. what effects, transitions it may have. All style packs have an audio track, to add some cool music or sound effects to your muvee, and you can customize the track, by using your own audio too.

Can I use my own Style in Muvee Reveal Finale? Absolutely you can, so technically you have unlimited styles to choose from. Also, from the above list, one can easily tell that this software, or should we say, Wedding Bundle, isn’t necessarily limited to marriages. You could use it for other romantic anniversaries, such as a birthday, or an anniversary. That’s actually the specialty of this bundle.

You can add photos, videos which are stored on your computer, or which you took on a photography device such as a camera, camcorder, AHCHD, or video snapshots or intertitles and create a muvee with ease.

The whole process is really simple, and involves just 4 steps. Just add some photos and video, choose a style, view your muvee and save it. Want to share it on YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo, or directly to your smartphone or tablet,or email. Use the sharing bar on the bottom right corner to do that.

If you are a professional photographer, you are going to really love the Wedding style pack a lot, because it will make your job that much easier, and the muvees are going to be top notch quality. It allows you burn DVD discs too, so you don’t to go looking for a disc burning software.

If you are the best man or a maid of honor, or even the bride or the groom, and you want to let your loved one know just how special their day was, Muvee Wedding Bundle is a great choice for you. Create a photo and video montage and fire up the styles and create a professional looking muvee in a matter of seconds.

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