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My Music Collection hits all music enthusiasts right in the that sweet spot that they all love — music management. Thanks to a super-intuitive user interface that provides a ton of organizational and management features, you can have you CDs, vinyl discs, cassettes, and digital audio files sorted out in no time. Whether it’s adding albums to your collection by simply scanning a barcode, keeping track of borrowed items so that you know who and when to return them to, or getting in-depth album information from multiple databases on the Internet, My Music Collection lets you do just that and a whole lot more.

User Interface

My Music Collection features an intuitive user interface that breaks down all features into five separate tabs — General, View and Dictionaries, Statistics and Export, Database Management, and Loan Manager. Under General, you can find basic music organizational tools that allow you to add albums as well as search databases for available tracks. View and Dictionaries, on the other hand, allows you to sort out your data by media type, genre, condition, instrument, etc., while Statistics and Export lets you view detailed statistics about your music library as well as export data to various file formats. Finally, Database Management gives the chance to manage your music databases, and Loan Manager lets you manage borrowed music albums from friends and rental services.

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Adding Music

Thanks to the built-in Add Music wizard built into the application, My Music Collection gives you up to three different options that you can use to add your music album entries — entering artist names, typing in barcodes, and CD insertion. My Music Collection makes it extremely simple to search for music using the name of an artist, where you can specify the application to search through popular databases such as MusicBrainz, Amazon, and Discogs for related albums — you can also filter out albums by release name.

On the other hand, you can enter the barcode of a vinyl disc, cassette, or CD, and get all relevant information that way — unlike scanning for content via artist name, using barcodes help you get the exact album data that you are looking for. Finally, you can simply insert your CDs and My Music Collection automatically stores all relevant music information instantly. Outside these three options, My Music Collection also gives you the option to add albums manually.

You can, for example, insert information such as artist, genre, media type, track data, and other miscellaneous information by typing them out — the application also lets you insert album covers, create credits, and comment on tracks. While this does take a considerable amount of time, you can have this option as a final resort in case you can’t find the album data that you are looking for in online databases.

Keeping Track

If you borrow lots of vinyl discs, cassettes, or CDs from friends and music rentals regularly, My Music Collection gives you the option to manage you borrowed collection so that you know who a particular item belongs to and when you have to return it back. By using a feature called the Loan Manager, you can add your friends and rental services to a dedicated list that you can later use when adding borrowed album information. By inserting the due dates of items, and My Music Collection automatically notifies you when the time’s up to send them back. The application also features a Show Returned and Show Overdue list for advanced music management.

Viewing Album Data

My Music Collection makes managing even thousands of individual albums a breeze. With its multiple viewing modes and filtering tools, you can look upon any album stored within your database instantly. The application features multiple viewing modes that you can, for example, use to look at your albums either in track, album, shelf, card, or thumbnail format. My Music Collection also features a Quick Filter option that allows you to instantly select artists or release names by alphabet. You can also search for albums and tracks via keywords, and filter search results by using various criteria such as artist, genre, label, location, media type, release name, and release year.

Viewing Statistics

My Music Collection lets you view your entire media library by boiling down everything into detailed statistics. You can, for example, check your music database in diagram form — column, bar, pie, line, area — using basic criteria such as artist, genre, and location. This allows you to know how your music collection has progressed, as well as the areas that have been affected either negatively or positively over time. My Music Collection also features pricing information that allows you to keep track on the amount of money spent on certain artists, genres, and releases.

Should I Get It?

If you are a music enthusiast with a huge music library, then My Music Collection would be a welcome addition to your music management arsenal at any time. With the ability to intelligently import album information and categorize them accordingly, My Music Collection gives you that much need advantage when it comes to effectively managing a music collection. Thanks to multiple methods that you can use to add album information into your database, as well as the various other options — Loan Manager, Statistic and Export, etc. — available at your disposal, grabbing My Music Collection virtually becomes a no-brainer.