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Compact Disks and Digital Video Discs, more commonly known as CDs and DVDs, have existed for nearly two decades.

And the general opinion of them aren’t very good. Many believe that CDs and DVDs are obsolete. This is absolutely untrue, in fact Audio CDs continue to be the most burned form of discs even today. This sums up to over 25% of all discs, according to Nero’s research statistics.

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Go to a video store or any major online retailer to buy a copy of a movie or software. You will find that they offer to sell their products in two formats, a digital download or a physical product. In case of the latter, it is usually shipped in the form of a CD for medium sized content (like a driver cd for a modem or a graphics card) or antivirus or Audio discs, and in a a DVD for movies, operating systems, or large sized professional software. This is usually done to prevent piracy. and also as a means of convenience for the buyer.

Optical Discs also have another use, for backing up content. After all, you cannot store everything on your external hard drive and run out of space. This can also apply to the more commonly used storage form today, cloud storage services. You can store Windows backups, file backups, photos, videos, documents, literally anything you want on an optical disc, providing it has enough space to store the data.

But there is one small question. How do you burn the data to a disc? Which is the best disc burning software? Why Nero Burning ROM of course.

The interface of Nero Burning ROM is very simplistic, and is user friendly, thanks to the large buttons on the toolbar. You can toggle the toolbar and the statusbar from the application’s settings. In fact the menus and buttons available in Burning ROM, are highly customizable. I don’t remember many applications which actually allow this.

Simply click on View > Customize, and you will be able to select the options which will appear when you click on the menu, the toolbar, and the keyboard shortcuts.

Normally, to burn a disc, obviously you will need an optical disc writer (DVD Writer/Blu-Ray Writer), and of course a compatible disc like a blank DVD/Blu-Ray disc, or one which is rewritable. While you can do the same with Nero Burning ROM, you have an additional choice as well. This is the Image Recorder, which lets you save disc images directly to your hard drive, without the need for a special hardware (DVD writer or disc).

To start burning a disc, simply click the New button, which will run the “New compilation” wizard. It is here, that you can choose a type of disc you want to burn (Audio CD, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray ROM) and also select your desired image/disc format, (UDF, ISO, etc). You can also use the software to copy CD to CD (DVD, BluRay), Video Discs, etc

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You can also make bootable discs with Nero Burning ROM, which is very useful if you want to burn an ISO image of an operating system like Ubuntu or Windows, and use the DVD as an installation disc for your computer. The software supports SecurDisc encryption technology (requires password to be accessed) as well, so you can use it to create discs which are protected from theft, and also has an icreased chanced of file recovery from damaged discs.

Nero allows you to erase discs, and write new content on the same disc, as long the disc supports the feature. Once the type of disc is selected, all you have to do is add the files and folders onto it using the built-in file viewer, and burn the disc. Should your files be too large for a single disc, select the Nero DiscSpan option, which lets you split the files between multiple discs.

Similarly you may also use the Multisession option, to save your sessions. A session can be burned on to a disc, and the rest can be saved for later. You may even edit sessions at a later time with the load session feature, and then burn the data onto newer discs. Burning ROM also allows you to add an Autorun option to your disc, so they play automatically when you insert the disc in to a computer’s optical drive.

The software also supports LightScribe, which allows you to burn a pictures or text on the label side of
discs (needs a writer which supports this technology). Similarly a Labelflash DVD recorder can burn labels on either side of a compatible disc.

Additional features in Nero Burning ROM, include some useful programs like Nero MediaHome which indexes your photos and videos and displays them as a well organized list in a media library. You can use the Nero MediaBrowser, like a file manager, to browse for files, and can even drag and drop the files to the Burning ROM UI to quickly add files which you want to be burned on to the disc.

It is also worth noting that, Nero Burning ROM does not contain the following programs: Nero Video, Nero Recode, Nero Express, Nero Disc to Device, Nero RescueAgent and stashimi Musci recorder premium. These applications are only available in Nero Platinum and Nero Classic.

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