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Entertainment is something which we all need, and in today’s day and age, digital media is available more commonly than ever.

But not all of it is in a perfect state, i.e., some videos may not be available in a format which is supported by your media player of choice. This can also be said of the smartphones, most of which do not support more than a handful of formats.

And usually, you can’t install a third-party codec, on a phone to add support for the formats. So, what do you do in this situation? The smart thing is to obviously, convert the format of the media file, to one which is supported by your device.

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But then, which program will you use for this? And how to extract the file from the disc? Will you use one program for each of these functions? Well you don’t need to.

All you want is one application, one which has a multitude of options to select from. And that is none other than Nero 2018 Standard .

This entertainment suite has a very user frienldly interface, with 5 sets of tools. Each section has its own set of programs, with their own unique functiuonality. Let’s take a look at what each section is capable of.

Manage & Play

This where you manage your media files and play your videos. This is achieved with the help of Nero MediaHome, which is kind of a hybrid between a file manager and media player. It allows you search for media files, and sorts them in a timeline view. More importantly, it indexes your media files, all of them, photos, videos and music files. This actually supports external hard drives, in addition to the internal hard drives in the PC. As a bonus, MediaHome can also your optical discs (CDs, DVDs, Blu Rays) and even has the option to stream media to your TV.

Nero MediaBrowser is a file explorer which lets you browse your media files, aka the media library which was scanned by the aforementioned MediaHome. It can preview your images as well, and the GUI of this module takes up less than 1/4th of your screen. This is because it allows you can to drag-and-drop media files into other applications. Clicking on the files, will open the default application, which handles the specific file format.

Edit & Convert

As the name so obviously suggests, this is home to the magnificent media editing and conversion tools of Nero 2018 Standard . Here you will find the Nero Video application which can not only edit videos, but also capture videos from devices and also import them. Need to burn a video disc of your vacation or party?  Nero Video can handle that as well.

A great advantage is that the video editor has a preview function, which supports Full HD (1080p), and even also lets you use a secondary monitor, as a preview screen while you edit the video in the main montitor.

What about movie discs? You can use Nero Recode for them, and get the videos. Then you can convert the video files you ripped of the disc, into formats which will work on your other devices. It also supports HD (high definition) or SD (Standard Definition) formats, which is very useful, if you have a device with a high resolution display. This application can also be used for audio file format conversion too.

Rip & Burn

Nero excels in this department, thanks to several years of expertise. Yes, it has the renowned Nero Burning ROM software,  which of course is the disc burning application, letting you burn data, media and video discs. It also supports auto-run discs, and SecurDisc discs. It can also rip audio and convert audio files to other formats.

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If you’re not familiar with burning discs, do not worry. Nero Express is the one you need thanks to its very user friendly interface and options.

Ripping video and audio discs is a breeze with Nero Disc to Device. Nero itself says that over of 25% of discs burned with the softwar are audio CDs. This tool can even rip audio/video to a device which you have pluged into your PC, iTunes a cloud storage service.

Professionals often need to make their own labels for discs, and this is why Nero Cover Designer is the best. Create your own designs or choose from the template designs it comes with by default.

Backup & Rescue

Having a backup of your dats and media, is always a lifesaver. Nero’s brilliant BackItUp application is the go to solution here, and it supports photos, videos, files and documents backup.

Nero Rescue Agent can help you recover deleted files or partially unreadable files from damaged discs and drives.


Here you can download the free Nero mobile apps for Android and iOS devices which allows you to burn, stream etc, content to your PC.

Nero 2018 Standard also comes with Nero WaveEditor and Nero SoundTrax which are free tools (which require a download), and allows you to record and edit audio. It can even be used to create audio cds.

You can manage all of your Nero applications, from the Nero ControlCenter. This is a control panel used for updating other Nero apps and manage their licenses.

Nero 2018 has tutorial videos which can be accessed by clicking on the “i” icon, next to each of the apps available in the main screen.

The Nero launcher is scalable (resizeable) and has 4 color themes, which can be toggled in the screen accessed by clicking the paint can icon in the top left corner.

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