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Do you watch movies on your computer? Are you frustrated by the lack of features in the default Photo Viewer in Windows? Do you have multiple applications installed on your PC for your media needs?

You don’t have to need a dozen programs anymore. You can do all of the above mentioned and more, with a single application, Nero 2021 Platinum. The moment you hear the word Nero, you think about one thing, the CD burning software of yore. Yes, it was, and is a very popular poece of software, and the one we are reveiwing here is from the same German developers.

The entertainment suite has a lovely interface, with several sections, each of which consists of several tiles. The main screen, which is seen above, is actually the launcher UI of the program. Nero 2021 Platinum is a one stop application, which is host to a dozen applications launched from this screen.

You can choose one of four available color themes, by clicking the paint can icon in the upper left hand corner. This will change the look of the launcher’s background only, the tiles remain the same.

The main features of Nero 2021 Platinum are divided into five areas:

  • Manage & Play
  • Edit & Convert
  • Rip & Burn
  • Backup & Rescue
  • Extras

Manage & Play has two subsections (shortcuts to apps). The first is called, Nero MediaHome and is a file manager used to search for (based on timeline), browse and manage your media files. It does so by indexing your media files, this includes support for your photos, videos and music files. It can even play your optical discs (CDs, DVDs, Blu Rays) and also stream media directly to your TV.

Nero MediaBrowser as the name suggests, is the application which actually lets manage your files, and in this sense, it is your media library. It is kind of like an image viewer application which can be resized to take up minimum space as popssible (a narrow window), which you can use also use to drag-and-drop media files into other applications, or view the files in their default program by double clicking them. Interestingly, it has a face recognition feature as well.

Edit & Convert

This is where you edit and convert your media files, into various formats of your choice. This is done through three applications. Nero Video has the ability to capture videos from devices, import them, and also edit them with professional tools. You can also use it to burn video discs as well, in addition to exporting the video files.

Nero Recode is the application, which lets you rip video discs. It has conversion tools, which you can use to convert video files, to one which is supported by your smartphone or tablet. Similarly you can also use this software, to convert audio files as well. Want your video in a HD (high definition) or SD (Standard Definition) format? You can do that as well.

Nero Content is a collection of video editing options. This includes effects, transitions (animations which can be added to frames), video themes and disc menus (to jump directly to a video) instead of using the seek option manually. It even has some cool backgrounds for videos, and some sample clips to get you started.

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Rip & Burn

This is the part where Nero excels. It comprises of three programs, the first of which is the famous Nero Burning ROM. It lets you burn discs which contain data or media or video discs. Need discs which run automatically? Burning ROM lets you do that and also supports SecurDisc discs. As a bonus it can also rip and convert audio files.

There are a plethora of options in this application, which you can find using the tutorial videos.

Nero Express needs no introduction either, as it is a lighter tool which lets you essentially do the same functions as Burning ROM, but has several quick modes and settings to help you, if you’re unsure what to do.

Nero Disc to Device is a rippind tool, which lets you rip audio CDs and video discs to your PC, or to a device connected to your PC, your iTunes library, or even to a cloud storage of your choosing.

Nero Cover Designer as the name suggests, lets you to create labels for your discs or covers (Remember the design with the name on your CDs/DVDs or their plastic cases). It has several template designs to choose from, and even lets you create your own custom design.

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Backup & Rescue

This section comprises of Nero BackItUp which lets you back up all your media files (photos, videos), and also any other files including documents. You can only do so locally, as Nero will discontinue the Nero BackItUp Online Storage Service in May 2016.

The other useful program in this section, is the Nero Rescue Agent, which is basically a file recovery software which lets you recover files from damaged discs and drives including those which have been deleted or partially unreadable.


This section has a free radio and music recorder called stashimi music recorder which lets you access over 90,000 radio stations and 120 genres.

You can download Nero mobile apps for your Android, iOS devices, to burn, stream etc, when you are away from the PC. You can also download two free tools Nero WaveEditor and Nero SoundTrax for recording audio, editing them, and also to create audio cds.

Nero ControlCenter is the final program of Nero 2021 , and is actually a control panel for managing other Nero software you have installed, and also lets you update them with ease. You can also use it to manage your licenses for Nero applications.

Confused by the plethora of functions available in Nero 2021 ? We don’t blame you, the program is so feature rich that it takes a bit of learning to get used to it. Fortunately, the develepers have kept it very user friendly, in a modern way, with visual aid. Of course, we’re talking about Video Tutorials. Not only has Nero uploaded some excellent informative tutorials on its YouTube channel, but it has included them all, right in the application itself.

Yes, Nero 2021 has a built-in browser, for watching the tutorial videos. You can access these videos, simply by clicking on the “i” icon, next to eachh function available in the launcher screen. This will also display a playlist of the videos, which you can use to learn about the functions of the many modules available.

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