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Do you have a lot video discs lying around, and want to convert them to digital formats? NeroPlatinum is what you need.

You can import your videos from your DVDs, CDs, AVCHDs, using Nero Video, and edit them using the many options which the application offers. You can also record videos using your camera, or TV, and edit them. To convert videos into modern formats, to be played on your TV, Phone, etc, you can use Nero Recode.

The video presets in Recode can make converting a joy, because you can customize the output per your requirement. Also, the device models which are listed in the application, can be used to quickly select the output settings with a single click of the mouse. This is especially useful, if you do not have any experience in editing videos. You can get Nero Content if you want extra transitions, menus, etc.

Have a photo or poster to go with a disc you are burning? Nero CoverDesigner is designed for creating labels for discs and disc covers. Wait a minute, how do you burn a disc? With Nero Burning Rom or Nero Express, of course.

You are not restricted to video discs, you can also use the applications to create photo discs, data discs, bootable discs, and even those which auto-run. The program can burn content to DVDs, Blu-rays,CDs, but if you don’t have a disc at hand, you can use the ISO or UDF option to save a virtual image of the same. Want to save the contents of a disc straight to the PC? The Disc to Device tool does exactly that.

What about a media player to watch the videos? NeroMediaHome is the software which does that, and also supports photo viewing, and music playback. You can also use it as a media library, or as a video streaming program too. NeroMediaBrowser is a companion application, which automatically adds new media to your library.

And finally there are some useful PC tools, which you can use to fix errors on your PC, with NeroTuneItUp. It can fix registry issues, help manage the startup programs and services, and more. You can use the Nero DuplicateManager program to delete multiple copies of the same photo, and save some space for new files.

Did you just delete something important, and want it back? Worry not, because Nero Rescue Agent can help you recover the data, even if the drive or the disk the file was on is damaged. It can even recover partially readable files too.

Last but not the least, is Nero BackItIUp can help you store important documents, media, and other files on the cloud, or on USB storage devices, so you don’t lose the data.