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Do you record videos on your computer? Or using your smarphone’s camera, or even a professional device like a DSLR? Then surely you will be aware that a recorded video, is an unfinished project, and that you have to refine it with a bit of polishing.

To do so, obviously the software you need is a video editing software. But, which one will you choose? Most of the free ones lack proper features, and the ones which may have few, are actually unusable thanks to a cluttered or complex GUI. And this is why one must always use a professional tool, well designed, packed with features, and a user friendly interface.

And what better video editor to use than Nero 2018?

The interface of the multimedia editing suite, is quite simplistic and yet well designed. The main screen has shortcuts to all of the application’s primary features.

It is divided into two sections: one which is the “Drag your files here” and the other is a list of options for editing videos. The first one as the name suggests, allows you to quickly open videos by draging them to the interface of Nero Video.

The other options are what defines the application. These are actually divided into three sub-sections: Capture & Import, Edit & Export, and Create Disc.

You can select one of the options to begin a Nero project, this will save any edits and actions you have made, so you can come back on continue at a later time. The editor looks like the one seen in the image below.

It has a set of simple editing tools called Express Settings, and a more professional one, aptly named as Advanced Settings. These options will allow you to edit every frame of the video, including adding a picture or an audio and more. It also has a preview window, and a nice toolbar which allows you jump between edits easily.

The Capture & Import option allows you to import a AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) video file from your camera or hard drive or from an optical disc. You can open any video format too. Nero Video also has the option to record videos directly, from your Camera or your TV. You can even record the videos directly to a disc, and then edit it later.

Want to add some cool and stunning effects to your video? You can with Nero Video 2018, which offers a variety of animations and transitions. You could impress your bosses with your new presentation, or if you are a vlogger, you could upload the video to YouTube and monetize it. To do so, you will need to download the free Nero Nero Nero Creative Content package, which includes effects, themes, menus, and sample clips which will get your editing palette up and running quickly.
Edit & Export has similar options, and lets you create Slide Shows, Make Express Movies, Advanced Movies, and also lets you open Nero Video Projects directly. Additionally you can also open Windows Live Movie Maker projects (the .WLMP file formats) using this section of the suite.

nero video editor

Create Disc as the name indicates, is for burning the videos, which you edited and then store them on an external storage device like a USB Memory Stick, your hard drive, or even on a DVD. You may even do so using a Blu-Ray disc. But these features are unfortunately not supported in Nero Video 2018. You will need to upgrade to Nero Platinum, if you want to work with Blu-Ray discs and AVCHD  files.

But there is good news in that Nero Video 2018 still allows you to burn regilar video content to a DVD, and supports DVD-Video, editable DVD and mini DVD discs.

The Header Bar:

There is a toolbar available at the top of Nero Video’s main screen. To the left edge of this bar, is the Home button, which takes you to the main screen of the application, when you are navigating/using one of the above modules of Nero video. But the more useful options are available in the right corner of the bar.

This is where the application’s Tools, Options and Help sections can be accessed from. Tools consists of six useful apps:

  • Erase Disc – allows you to delete discs (if it is editable/re-writable)
  • Disc Info – displays the information about the disc
  • Finalize Disc – allows you to finalize the disc options, including the menu, etc
  • Make Covers and Labels – You can create a proper label for the disc you are authoring, and then print it on the disc.
  • Burn Disc Image – This lets you save the disc image (with the content) you have created, on the actual physical disc.
  • Nero MediaHome – This is a file explorer of sorts, which scans your hard drives and USB storage devices for media content, and displays them in a neatly organized media library, for quickly accessing them while editing videos.

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