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Nitro Pro’s simple, yet intuitive approach to the PDF format lets you easily and conveniently create, review, and share PDF files with the least amount of hassle. Thanks to a plethora of awesome features bundled into the application, you can perform anything that you can think of; whether it’s creating a document from scratch or converting another file, adding notes or marking up PDFs, protecting documents with passwords or security certificates, making use integrated Nitro Cloud functionality to collaborate with others, etc., you can do all those easily and conveniently.

PDF and Form Building

Nitro Pro 13 primarily focuses on PDF creation, where you have access to multiple options that let you, for example, add pages, insert images, crop items, rotate content, watermark photos, hyperlink URLs, as well as do a whole lot more. The application provides similar functionality when it comes to form building, providing multiple pre-set features that let you easily insert text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, OK buttons, etc., and even goes so far as to enhance your forms via built-in JavaScript support. On the other hand, Nitro Pro 13 also features an unprecedented level of support when it comes to converting files to the PDF format, where you can simply create your document in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, and have it converted to the PDF format instantly — you can also perform conversions vice versa.

Reviewing PDFs and Forms

Regardless of who you are, you won’t be disappointed at the amount of document reviewing features built into the application. If you are a teacher or college professor, you can add notes to pages and markup text using either cross-outs or highlights to bring attention to students. On the other hand, various built-in and custom stamps let you stamp what you want — Approved, Confidential, Final, etc. — to customers and employees if you work, for example, as part of a large organization. Additional options let you perform various tasks such as drawing predefined or freehand shapes, measuring distances in documents, attaching entire files, comparing documents, etc., all the while either showing your identity — via Nitro Cloud — or by retaining your anonymity.

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Securing Documents

Nitro Pro 13 doesn’t leave you out in the cold when it comes to protection and authenticity. If you don’t want others from looking at the contents of your PDFs — confidential company documents, for example — you can secure them instantly with the use of passwords. If you send out your confidential documents to others, you don’t have to worry about anyone else from receiving them accidentally, since you can create security certificates so that only approved recipients have access to the PDFs — you can also input various rules for each recipient such as restricting access to certain functions (printing, editing, copying, etc.).

If you want to add authenticity to your documents so that recipients can fully trust your PDF files, you can choose to sign your documents with digital signatures. Nitro Pro 13 provides full functionality to create your own digital signatures, where you can enter your name, organization, key algorithm, etc., and choose between either the Windows Certificate Store or the PKCS#12 storage types for your digital ID. In addition to digital signatures, the application also lets you certify documents so that you can control various end-user actions — form filling, commenting, modifying, etc. — while attesting to file integrity.

Nitro Cloud Integration

Nitro Pro 13 features full-on integration with its online counterpart — Nitro Cloud. Thanks to the inclusion of this feature, you can do many more things than you thought was possible. For example, if you ever wanted to share a document with co-workers or peers, discuss together on things that needs changed, and do them simultaneously across the cloud, Nitro Cloud’s Collaborate feature makes this possible. In addition, the application also lets you request e-signatures so that, unlike digital signatures, you can create legally binding documents — you can request unlimited e-signatures. Further, the most important feature probably is the ability to back up your entire PDF library to the cloud, thereby having access to a backup in case things go wrong.

Should I Buy It?

Nitro Pro 13’s focus on not just one, but multiple aspects when working with PDFs, puts it instantly on anyone’s must-buy watch list. With the ability to create terrific-looking PDF documents, convert readymade documents to the PDF format, review PDFs via a range of tools that fit nearly any profession, and protect documents while ensuring their authenticity, Nitro Pro 13 is the application to use for all instances PDF. Not just that, but a super-intuitive user interface combined with full-on Nitro Cloud integration make Nitro Pro 13 work every penny that you spend. Whether you are a user new to the PDF format, or a professional user who has worked with PDFs for years, you won’t be disappointed.