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With access to Nitro Pro, you can do just about anything that you can think of when it comes to PDF files. Regardless of whether you are a normal desktop user or a major business owner, Nitro Pro 13 lets you create, review, and protect documents with the least amount of hassle, even when compared to the big guy around the block — Adobe Acrobat. A plethora of new additions such as full-on integration with Nitro Cloud, e-signature support, and form-creation tools, make Nitro Pro an awesome application for all your PDF requirements.

Working with Nitro Pro

Unlike other major PDF-creation utilities, Nitro Pro doesn’t hide options behind cumbersome menus and side-tabs, but instead uses the intuitive ribbon-menu featured in Microsoft Office applications so that you have access to all the tools that you need. The application isn’t just limited to any single task — in addition to giving you the ability to create and edit terrific looking PDF files, Nitro Pro also provides an unprecedented level of support when it comes to reviewing PDFs, and even features multiple ways to secure content from unauthorized access. The super-intuitive user interface lets you take advantage of multiple monitor setups by letting you work on PDFs in various modes — full page, continuous, facing pages, full screen, etc. — while also letting you have access to multiple documents simultaneously.

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Creating PDFs

Nitro Pro features two ways that you can create PDFs with — manual and automatic. The manual method focuses on building PDF files from scratch, where you can insert pages as you see fit, add images from files or clipboards, scan images for text via OCR, crop pages to specific sizes, watermark images to prevent theft, hyperlink URLs for added convenience to end-users, etc. On the other hand, the automatic solution revolves around converting documents that were already created on word processors, spreadsheet applications, and slideshow creators, where you can simply drag the files in for conversion — while the application lets you simply convert the file to the PDF format, you can also tweak any aspect of the converted document (combining with other files, for example) before saving it.

Building Forms

Nitro Pro features a full range of options that you can use to create any type of form that you can think of. The application lets you, for example, add text boxes so that users can input information directly, insert check boxes to allow easier selection of multiple choice answers, place radio buttons when requiring mandatory selections, etc. List boxes, OK buttons, combo boxes, and barcode fields are many of the other options present in your form-creation toolbox. If you are proficient with JavaScript, Nitro Pro 13 features complete support for the scripting language, where you can add various functions to inserted components to enhance the form — if you need users to insert the current data into a text field when a PDF is opened, for example, just use some JavaScript and you are done.

Reviewing Documents

Nitro Pro provides a similar level of support when it comes to reviewing documents made by others. Whether you are a college professor, bank manager, or company CEO, Nitro Pro 13 lets you work with PDFs like no other application. Whether it’s commenting on a student’s answer, marking up important phrases of text, or stamping your approval on a sales receipt, Nitro Pro 13 lets you do it. Drawing shapes, measuring content, and comparing documents are among a few of the other features present in the application. If you like collaborating with your peers on a document simultaneously while working on it, simply sign into Nitro Cloud, and you can share the document with others and make changes together.

Security and Authenticity

Nitro Pro 13 gives you access to multiple tools that let you protect and preserve the authenticity of a document. If you don’t want anyone want anyone from opening a document without your permission, for example, you can choose to secure the PDF with a password, and in the case of email recipients, Nitro Pro 13 lets you create certificates that you can send out to people so that only they can access your PDFs in the future. On the other hand, the application lets you add authenticity to your documents in the form of electronic and digital signatures — e-signatures let you create legally binding documents and you can request unlimited signatures via Nitro Cloud, while digital signatures let you secure the contents via encryption.

Should I Buy It?

Nitro Pro is quite possible the most intuitively designed PDF application ever devised; if you use Office applications for your work, you’ll be surprised at how much Nitro Pro resembles them. A super-intuitive user interface, combined with some of the best PDF creation, form building, document reviewing, and security features present, put Nitro 13 has enough features that works for anyone, regardless of profession or stature.