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California-based software giant Nitro’s solution to all-things PDF, certainly gives Adobe Acrobat, the big guy around the block, a run for its money. Thanks to a plethora of features that focus on providing the best possible experience when it comes to PDF creation, Nitro Pro 13 works for you whether you are an individual professional or part of a larger organization. The application also provides an unprecedented level of support when it comes to reviewing PDFs, as well as access to multiple security features if you are looking to protect the contents within your documents.

Creating PDFs

Nitro Pro 13’s super-intuitive user interface provides you all the tools that you need to create professional-grade PDFs with the least amount of hassle. You can create pages, insert text, add images, crop items, rotate content, watermark photos, hyperlink URLs, and do a whole lot more — the application’s user interface is highly reminiscent of Office 2016 applications, so you should have no trouble finding the options that you need when creating PDFs. Nitro Pro 13 also features optical character recognition technology that makes inserting scanned text a breeze. If you want to create forms, Nitro Pro 13 provides you with access to everything that you need, be it radio buttons, check boxes, text fields, OK/Cancel buttons, JavaScript items, and what not.

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File Conversion

In addition to providing you with multiple options that you can use to create PDFs from scratch, Nitro Pro 13 also features various file conversion capabilities. You can, for example, drag in and drop a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel document and have Nitro Pro 13 automatically insert the content with minimum document layout issues, where you can then perform any modifications that you want before saving it in the PDF file format. By using this feature, you can save time tremendously if you already have a document created in another format, and if you are more familiar with your Office applications, you can simply use Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to create the document and have it converted instantly. Nitro Pro 13 also features built-in functionality when it comes to converting PDFs to alternate formats.

Reviewing Documents

Nitro Pro 13 isn’t just limited to PDF creation and file conversion; if you are a teacher, small business owner, or an organization executive, for example, the application provides you with all the tools required to review PDF documents. Do you want to comment on what’s inside a PDF file? Just add a note and you are done. Want to point out text so that you yourself or others can take a closer look later? Highlight, cross-out, and underline tools are available for that exact purpose. Want to approve a PDF document or form? Simply use the many pre-set stamps or use your own custom ones instead. That isn’t all; whether you want to add shapes, draw stuff, insert text annotations, or attach entire files to PDFs, Nitro Pro 13 lets you do that and a whole bunch of other things.

Security and Protection

Nitro Pro 13 various ways that provides for unparalleled protection and security to the contents within a PDF file. You can, for example, permanently erase sensitive text phrases or entire portions of content by marking them for redaction — the application features metadata removal technology that prevents anyone from recovering deleted data. When it comes to securing the contents of a PDF file from unauthorized access, you can use simple password security, or create security certificates so that only trusted recipients can view them. Nitro Pro 13 also lets you certify documents so that recipients can be assured of the contents — you can either add digital signatures by requesting them via Nitro Cloud, or add encryption-based digital signatures.

Cloud Integration

By bringing you access to various cloud-based benefits, Nitro Pro 13  features built-in Nitro Cloud functionality. Simply sign in to Nitro Cloud, and you can perform various actions in addition to creating, converting, reviewing, and securing PDF     files. For example, Nitro Cloud gives you access to unlimited e-signature requests that you can use to create legally binding documents without the constraints of digital signatures. The application also allows you to connect with other Nitro Cloud users and work on documents simultaneously, thereby making it an ideal application for office environments. Further, Nitro Cloud allows you to upload your PDF library to the cloud so that you have backups in case something happens to your local storage devices.

Should I Buy It?

The amount of features present in Nitro Pro 13 is simply astounding. Not only does the application do a great job at helping you create high-quality PDF files, but it also gives you access to numerous other tools that focus, for example, on building forms from scratch, reviewing PDF documents, protecting content, converting files, collaborating online, certifying documents, and a whole lot of more. Whether you are an individual working for yourself or a professional working for a larger organization, Nitro Pro 13 provides everything needed to create and work with PDF files.