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If you are looking for a program which can edit PDFs, Nitro Pro is more than a match for your needs. The application not only allows you to read PDFs and edit them, you can also use it to create PDFs.

Besides editing files, you can also create a new PDF by combining other documents. Nitro Pro can also be used for converting PDF documents into other formats such as DOC, RTF, TXT, XML, PPTX which are supported by Office Word, Powerpoint and Excel. If the PDFs which you want to convert have some images, you can extract them in one of the following formats: BMP, JPG, TIF and PNG.

You can even create forms with Nitro Pro including options for checkboxes, bar codes, radio boxes, list box, etc.

The Review tab has several options for annotating the text in the document, including highlighting, text box, call outs, notes, stamps. etc. So, you can add comments to the document to collaborate with other authors and keep the PDF editing trackable. You can check two documents to see how they differ, using the compare tool.

The ribbon interface in Nitro Pro makes for a user friendly experience, and there is an edit section in literally every tab. You can add your favorite tools, to the Home tab, for quick access. To do so, simply click the Add Tools option, and pick the ones which you need.

You can edit the paragraph formatting of the document by using the mouse and dragging the text around, or by clicking on the text and adjusting the bounding box, etc. The application can be used with scanned PDFs, which the program converts into editable format, using optical character recognition. This allows you to edit the PDF, search the text, etc.

You can use Nitro Pro to lock PDFs with a password to prevent unauthorized access, and also sign documents using your own digital certificates.

Nitro Pro allows you to share your PDFs on the cloud using the company’s own service, the Nitro Cloud. You can also share the documents with your contacts, over email, from the interface of the application.