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While Adobe Acrobat has a near-monopoly in the PDF market, the presence of Nitro Pro 13 does give Adobe a run for its money. Developed with the input of over 1,200 knowledge workers to gain insight on document usage habits, Nitro Pro 13 lets you accomplish any PDF-related task quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s creating a PDF just by dragging and dropping content, editing documents simultaneously while collaborating with peers, or securing your files with legally binding e-signatures, Nitro Pro 13 lets you do that and a whole lot more.

Intuitive User Interface

If you use Office applications such as Word or Excel, you’ll feel right at home using Nitro Pro 13. A ribbon-menu separates available features into six separate tabs — Home, Edit, Review, Forms, Protect, and Cloud — with the options further categorized into groups for added convenience. If you want to insert an image, for example, simply select the self-explanatory Edit tab, and look within the Text/Images group for the Add Image button. Unlike Microsoft Office applications, however, Nitro Pro 13 lets you work on multiple projects in one window simultaneously, where you can switch between documents via labeled tabs at any moment. The application also lets you sign in to your Nitro account to make collaborating with others much easier, as well as to gain access to Nitro’s native cloud-based storage functionality.

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PDF Creation Capabilities

Nitro Pro 13’s plethora of document generation features make PDF creation a breeze. While you can go the traditional way of creating PDFs by manually inserting text and images — where Nitro Pro 13 provides you with all tools that you require — the application also lets you just drag and drop documents and have your PDFs generated instantly. You can, for example, drop a Word, Excel, or text document, and Nitro Pro 13 converts and displays the content within instantly — you can even combine multiple documents with no issues. The application also features OCR functionality that makes importing scanned text effortless. Regardless of how you insert content, you have complete control when it comes to editing your document, be it extracting content, replacing pages, watermarking images, or hyperlinking text.

Reviewing Documents

While Nitro Pro 13 does a terrific job at giving you all the tools you need to make great-looking PDF files, it provides a similar level of support when it comes to reviewing PDFs that you receive from others. Whether it’s commenting on a PDF via notes, marking up important text phrases, stamping documents via built-in/custom stamps, drawing predefined or custom shapes, or adding text annotations (the application also features the ability to attach entire files as annotations) Nitro Pro 13 lets you do that with no issues. The application also lets you easily compare documents — older and newer versions, for example — as well as white out certain areas that you don’t want. You can insert all your comments either by revealing your identity or with complete anonymity.

Adding Protection

Nitro Pro 13 features an unprecedented level of support when it comes to securing the contents of your PDF files. You can, for example, perform various actions such as redacting certain sensitive phrases from the entire document or just individual pages. In addition, Nitro Pro 13 lets you remove all metadata on sensitive content so that even the most sophisticated of recovery applications can’t reconstruct deleted content. The application also lets you secure content by password-protecting documents, and even goes so far as to provide digital certification that you can send out to potential recipients, thereby allowing only them to open your documents. Further, you can choose to certify your documents by placing legally binding signatures — you can even insert your digital signatures by scanning and uploading them to Nitro Pro 13.

Cloud Functionality

By integrating Nitro Cloud in Nitro Pro 13 , you now have access to a range of benefits when it comes to signing in to Nitro Cloud. You can, for example, request multiple legally binding electronic signatures completely free of charge — since e-signatures are more convenient to use than digital signatures, you can conveniently get your documents and agreements signed legally. In addition, you can choose to collaborate — share, markup, and comment — with others as well as track changes remotely. Nitro Cloud also gives you unprecedented access to file conversion capabilities, where you can simply convert PDF files to compatible Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files. Further, you receive cloud-based storage support for PDF files so that you can have access to them wherever you go.

Should I Buy It?

Nitro Pro 13 makes working with PDF files a breeze, thanks to a plethora of features bundled into the application. Not only does the application provide you with all the tools required to create top-notch PDF documents, but it also lets you simply move in content and get auto-generated PDFs instantly. The document reviewing features present in Nitro Pro 13 are unparalleled, where you can add your notes and annotations easily and conveniently with no fuss. Further, the protective options included are simply amazing — whether you are an individual or part of a large organization, you can secure your PDFs with security certificates and e-signatures with no hassle. Nitro Pro 13 wraps things up with integrated Nitro Cloud functionality, where you can collaborate, convert, and upload content, making Nitro Pro 13 worth every penny.