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Are you an individual who wants to create PDFs with the least amount of hassle? Do you want access to an application that you can use to review documents while seamlessly collaborating with others? Or are you part of an organization where you have to secure your PDF files from unauthorized access? If so, then Nitro Pro 13 should fit you perfectly. With access to multiple PDF creation tools, document markup features, and security-related options, Nitro Pro 13 lets you perform nearly anything that you can possibly think of when it comes to the PDF format.

Crisp User Interface

Nitro Pro 13 features a super-intuitive user interface that blends well into Windows — due to the inclusion of a ribbon-based menu, you can easily find what you are looking for under various labeled tabs. The Home tab gives you instant access to commonly-used PDF creation, conversion, and security features. On the other hand, the Edit tab provides access to the text insertion, page creation, and navigation tools present within the application, as does the Forms tab when it comes to form creation. In addition, the Review tab present all options related to reviewing documents, be it adding notes, marking up text, inserting stamps, or comparing PDFs. Finally, the Protect tab features various security-related features, while the Cloud tab gives you access to Nitro Cloud’s backup, sharing, and collaboration options.

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Creating PDF Files

The inclusion of multiple document creation features let you create your PDFs whenever you want. Nitro Pro 13 gives you access to two techniques that you can use to generate documents — you can either design page layouts, insert text, and add images manually right from scratch, or you can choose to simply import an existing document from another format and have your PDF file created instantly. In addition to both the manual and automatic PDF generation techniques at your disposal, the application also features various other miscellaneous document creation features — for example, you can choose to use built-in OCR functionality to import content from scanned documents instantly, and the addition of multiple form-related tools complete with integrated JavaScript functions let you create forms however you want.

Working with PDFs

Nitro Pro 13 is right up there with other PDF application such Adobe and Foxit when it comes to working with PDFs. Thanks to the inclusion of various document reviewing features, you can have your work cut out short regardless if you are an individual working with PDFs or part of a large organization that makes reviewing PDFs an integral part of your work. Whether you want to add notes to any portion of a PDF, highlight or underline text, stamp documents via built-in or custom stamps, or attach entire files as annotations, Nitro Pro 13 lets you do that. You can perform all actions by revealing your identity via Nitro Cloud, or conduct everything while retaining your anonymity. The application’s collaboration features are also unparalleled, where you can review PDFs with your peers simultaneously with no issues.

Securing Content

If your PDF files contain sensitive information, Nitro Pro 13 features various ways that you can secure them from unauthorized access. You can, for example, choose to mark entire pages, portions of text, or certain areas of the document, where you can then completely delete them so no one sees what was present in the redacted area — if you are worried about data recovery applications, Nitro Pro features metadata removal functionality that takes care of that issue for you. In addition, you can choose to secure PDFs with passwords, or use certificates so that only trusted recipients can open your documents. Further, you can choose to certify PDF files so that recipients know that they are from a reliable source, as well as sign them using digital or electronic signatures for additional authenticity.

Connecting to the Cloud

Nitro Pro ’s built-in Nitro Cloud feature enhances an already awesome application with a plethora of new additions. By signing in to Nitro Cloud, you can, for example, request an unlimited amount of electronic signatures to secure documents, share PDFs easily with other people online, collaborate with others while working on a single document, etc. Nitro Pro also lets you back up your PDF files to the cloud, where you can then use features such as the Document Library to organize all of your files for faster access — if you run out of space, you can always upgrade your Nitro Cloud account from the default free plan so that you have more space available at your disposal. Your Nitro Cloud account can be managed right from within Nitro Pro , so you don’t have to use any Web browser for the task.

Should I Buy It?

Nitro Pro isn’t just an ordinary PDF creation application; it also lets you perform nearly any PDF-related task that you can think of. Whether it’s manually creating documents from scratch, automatically generating PDFs from other document formats, reviewing PDF files with various markup tools, or securing documents with passwords, digital signatures, or electronic signatures, Nitro Pro lets you accomplish everything quickly and conveniently, mainly thanks to a super-intuitive user interface. Nitro Pro neatly wraps everything up with its online Nitro Cloud feature, where you can simply sign in and start sharing documents and working with other people right from within the application itself. Simply put, Nitro Pro ’s wealth of features provide incredible value for money.