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If your work involves editing PDFs, or creating a few, you cannot go wrong with Nitro Pro. The application allows you to view, and edit PDF documents, just as easily, as if you are working with a word processor.

Nitro Pro is packed to the core with tools for editing the formatting of the documents, adding pictures, etc with a few clicks of the mouse. There are several mouse gestures which allow you to adjust entire paragraphs by just dragging the box around the content. You can use the Home tab as a one stop shop for all your favorite cools, by using the Add Tools option. But it is also worth noting, that every tab in the ribbon, has some Editing tools.

You can use Nitro Pro to convert PDFs to other document formats like DOC, RTF, TXT, XML, PPTX, which can be opened with Microsoft Office apps such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. You can also convert the documents into other PDF file formats. This makes the documents easy to share with your contacts, as it gives you the freedom of choice to use whatever application you wish to use for editing.

Let’s say you want to extract images from a PDF, you can do so, and save them in to one of the following formats: PNG, JPG, BMP, or TIF.

You can create PDF documents of various types, including forms with special fields like check booxes, bar codes, radio buttons, etc.

The application has options to merge multiple files into a single PDF document for easy sharing, organizing, etc. Speaking of sharing, you can send the documents you edit or create using the built0in Nitro Cloud option, or the send via email option.

Nitro Pro can also be used to merge several documents into a single PDF file. You can make use of the Nitro Cloud to share your documents, or by using the email option in the Nitro Pro GUI.

You can use Nitro Pro to add a password to your PDFs to prevent other people from accessing your document, or by signing the PDFs digitally.