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What is the one thing which we all work for? To keep our families safe and secure, and also to provide for their basic needs. This means food, shelter, schooling and of course entertainment.

Kids these days have a great advantage at their disposal, technology. Everything from toys, computers, etc are now more advanced than ever. Toddlers play with smartphones, iPads and Android tablets. It is so cool, that they can learn to use technology when they are so young. But this has some downsides as well. These smart devices have access to internet, and that is not always a safe place.

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News articles, videos, photos of war, violence, gambling, etc and other age inappropriate content are posted on social networks, file sharing websites etc. We don’t want our children to see or hear about these things, because they could cause unnecessary worry or trauma. That doesn’t necessarily mean, that you have to stop your kid from using a smart device. They need to play video games or watch cartoons, or something educational, because studies have shown that smartphones can improve kids’ intelligence.

Also, there is another problem when you prevent them from using devices. We often leave our phones and devices lying around, and they could use these devices to download games or apps when we aren’t looking. You may have read how some kid used his dad’s phone to buy hundreds of dollars worth of IAPs (In-App Purchases usually for in-app or in-game virtual currency) by memorizing his dad’s password. It’s funny how smart they are, sometimes they are smarter than us and find workarounds.

The kid didn’t know he was actually spending real money though. See that’s the problem, they need to learn that there are rules. And think about it, how do you teach them about the value of money? Asking them to mow your lawn, do the dishes or something which teaches them money is to be earned by working, and they shouldn’t waste it on useless things. Just like that, you have to teach your child, that the internet is not always safe.

So, how exactly do we do that? A good and ethical way to restrict usage, is to install a monitoring app, which will track the usage, and block unwanted content accordingly. And for this we recommend Norton Family Premier.

This is a parental web filter, that is, it lets you decide what kind of content the child can browse, or watch online or on the computer or mobile device. To use the service, you will need to create a Norton Family account, using your web browser. Then you can add your children’s Windows or Mac device by using it to login to the account and clicking the add device option. For iOS or Android devices, you will need to download the Norton Family app and sign in to it.

Note: If you are using a Windows or Mac computer, you will need to download a client software for monitoring the device’s usage and block content which you don’t want your kid to see. Speaking of which, if you more than one child, you can add the specific child’s name and birth year to the specific device, and select a set of built-in rules for the age group. But you can still choose which content to block or unblock.

When your child tries to access a blocked website, a reason is displayed as to why the content was blocked, and an option is displayed which allows the child to ask you for permission to unblock the content, if he or she thinks it was blocked wrongly.Filtering rules are available for general web browsing, search, social networks, videos, messaging and more. So, in case your kid posts personal info such as phone number, email address, etc on social networks, you will be notified about it immediately. Each of these options have advanced configuration options.

The same can be said about blocked content, which the child may try to access even after being warned that it is blocked, after which you will be notified. You will be regularly notified with weekly or monthly reports, about the usage of the device, on which Norton Family is installed on. You can also use the smartphone app to track the device’s location too.

What I like about Norton’s mobile app is that it states a set of rules, first hand, so your child knows that the device is monitored by mom and dad. It also clearly mentions that the Norton Family app cannot be uninstalled by the child (you can only do so from the Parent mode which requires a password).


One of the biggest problems with computers and smart phones, is that you don’t track how much time goes on while you use them. This can take a toll on your health. And the same can be said about your children, they need to go out and play. Exercise and fresh air is important, wouldn’t you agree? Norton knows this well, and lets your child know when it is time to step outside.

You can set the filter to block access to the device at specific hours, or after the device has been used for a while. The app also restricts contacts to only those you allow, so they cannot text or call anyone else. The app also lists the apps which are installed on the device, and lets you monitor them (can be toggled). Videos which the child views can be recorded and saved to your account, along with the name and description of the video.

There is a persistent icon in the notification shade which shows that the Norton Family app is running on the phone.

Buy Norton Family Premier at the best price ever, and save with our exclusive discount code. It is a must have to protect your child’s privacy and to protect them from inappropriate content on the internet.