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Online security is a very important thing these days. With the boom of smartphones and digital content, the internet is like a rich vein of gold, which we can tap into for our information and entertainment needs. Most office work, is now dependent on the internet as well.

The majority of users spend a lot of time watching online videos, playing multiplayer games with their friends, or hanging out on social networks. A more important way people use the internet is for their banking needs, and online shopping. This involves real money, and with that real risks.

Norton Security Deluxe Coupon Code

The internet is also filled with hackers who scam users, to steal their money or data, or sometimes, their identity. It is imperative that we protect ourselves from these criminals. The first step to do so, is by using a good security product, to ensure your computer is protected from all kinds of threats.

There are a plethora of antivirus products available today, and even some decent free ones. But you must not settle for that, why should you? When you can have the best security product ever made? Say hi to Norton Security Deluxe.

Norton needs no introduction, for it has been a household name for many users, and Symantec has maintained its high reputation for well over two decades. Infact, Symantec offers a 100% guarantee to help keep your device virus-free, or give you a refund. There are some conditions which apply to that, but that claim alone is enough to win a customer over.

Still not convinced? No worries, let us explain the features of Norton Security Deluxe to you.

Let’s begin with the interface. Norton uses a unique light themed interface, which is easy on the eyes, and very well designed. The main menu consists of large icons which adds to the user friendliness of the software.

The main menu displays when the last protection updates were installed, and when the last scan was performed. Just below it, are four sections called: Security, Identity, Performance, and More Norton.


This lets you run scans manually, and also update your virus definitions using the LiveUpdate feature. There are two primary scan types, a Quick scan which analyzes the key areas of your operating system. A quick scan on our computer was completed in 200 seconds, during which Norton Security scanned 7,649 files, 305 registry entries, 1,474 process/start-up; times and more. This test was performed under a heavily multitasking environment, with several programs running in the background.

The second one is the more comprehensive of the two, because it is the Full System Scan, which examines your entire hard drive. You can export the results in a text file, to be analyzed at a later time. You can also choose to run or create custom scans, to analyze certain folders and files. You can also create custom tasks for running LiveUpdate at a certain time or daym and performance improvement tasks.


There are some advanced tools in the Scans section, like the Nortom Power Eraser, which can find hard to discover problems, Norton Insight, which can be configured to select which files should be scanned. There is a Diagnostic Report, which can display jey information about your computer.

The LiveUpdate is the second section, in Security, and we have explained it above. The third one, is History, which displays the activities detected by Norton. This includes firewall rules, high memory usage, unauthorized access (which is blocked) and more. Infections detected by Norton, and placed in Quarantine can be accessed from the Security History. You can also use it to access resolved and unresolved risks as well.

The Advanced Settings, under the Security tab, lets you toggle various model in Norton Security, including Auo-Protect (realtime protection), SONAR Protection (zero-day attack prevention), Smart Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Email Protection, Identity Safe (Password Manager), Browser Protection (prevents hijacks), Safe Surfing (Browser Extensions which block malicious websites), and Download Intelligence (uses Norton’s database to check the reputation of downloaded files).

Identity Safe:

The Identity Safe comprises of four security modules: a Password Manager which is actually a vault which you need to sign up for, and allows you to store lots of information including Notes, Addresses, Logins , Safe Surfing (an antiphising and antimalware), Statistics of your Vault which displays a pie chart, comprising of the count of the various items stored in the vault, and the amount of strong passwords and automatic logins in it. The final option is a Password Generator, which can be used for creating strong and random passwords, which mnake it difficult for hackers to guess or break.


This section has tools to optimize your system’s performance. It includes a defrag tool for your hard disk, a clean up tool which can delete unwanted files like thos stored in Windows Temporary Files folder and Internet Explorer’s browsing data. Norton Security also allows you to manage which items run at Start-up, and displays a community rating for each startup entry, so you can decide whether you want to disable the selected program from running automatically or not, oe even delay it from running at boot. The graphs section in the Performance tab, is for information purposes, and can be used to analyze the performance of your system over different time periods.

More Norton:

This is a dashboard of sorts, which lets you manage your Identity Safe, Add more devices to your Norton account, and manage users.

The gear icon in the top right corner of the main menu can be used for accessing Norton Security Deluxe’s settings. This section allows you to configure the options of the Antivirus protection and detection, the Firewall, the AntiSpam settings, Identity Protection, the Task Scheduler, the Administrative Settings, and more. You get free support from Symantec 24 x7, with Noton Security Deluxe.

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