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Viruses have long been an annoyance for computer users. What people aren’t aware is that viruses are merely a fraction of dangerous infections. Yes, viruses are just a type of malware. There are many more dangerous threats which are collectively termed as malware.

One of the most common ways malware is distributed is by PUPs (Potentially unwanted programs), like a toolbar or some adware which is bundled along with free or in rare cases, premium software installers (.exe set up files). The unaware user, clicks on “next” during the install process without opting out of a toolbar or some other garbage, and this simple mistake is enough for the malware to infect the computer.

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Another way malware spreads around is through false advertising and malvertising. There is a difference between the two, false advertising are those banners which say “click to scan your computer”, “clean your computer”, “get latest drivers”, etc. This also happens on macOS devices, android and iOS devices too. When a user clicks these, a malware is downloaded and may infect the device.

Malvertising, is a tricky one. Legitimate websites are hacked and the normally clean ads, are injected with a malicious code, which serves the malware on visitors computers. And having an updated operating system, or an ad-blocker or a modern browser, will not protect against all such malware. You need to use a good security software, like Norton Security Premium.

The fact that it is a product from Symantec alone is enough, to raise its reputation, for the security vendor has been in this business for over two decades. Norton Security’s GUI is a delight to use. It has a brilliant theme with a light colored interface, large labels and icons, so you know what you are doing, because it is that user friendly.

The main screen which appears when you double click on the system tray icon, displays the current protection status of your computer. This includes information about when Norton Security was updated to the latest virus definitions, the time when the antivirus ran a scan on your computer recently. Below this, are some icons for the main sections of the application. Let’s analyze them one by one.


This is the main antivirus module of Norton Security. Here you can run scans on your computer, and you have 3 scan options. A full system scan which scans your entire computer, a quick scan which scans the most commonly infected areas of the operating system, and a custom scan, which allows you to select which folders or files should be scanned. The last one is useful, if you want to scan a set of newly created folders or an external storage device, for example.

You can use this section to schedule update tasks, scans, and the cleaning and optimizing tools, the software comes with. There are some advanced tools like the Norton Power Eraser which can remove stubborn malware, Norton Insight which is a reputataion service for files which are downloaded off the internet, and a Diagnostic Report which displays your computer’s info.

While Norton Security keeps itself up to date when your computer is connected to the internet, you can also run the update manually using the LiveUpdate feature. Any threats detected by Noton are listed in the Security tab, and it also includes the quarantine, the firewall rules, and a log of unusually high memory usage, intrusions and more. Norton Security comprises of an antivirus and a two-way silent firewall, which prevents incoming attacks and also prevents any outgoing traffic or data from being leaked or hacked.

Identity Safe:

This is the password manager from Norton, which can also save notes, logins, addresses and more, in a secure manner. The Safe Surfing feature is designed to protect your browser from phishing attacks, online malware, etc and block malicious websites.  There is a cool pie chart, which Norton uses to display how many of your passwords are strong, the number of auto logins, etc. The Identity Safe also lets you create strong passwords with its Password Generator.


Why Norton Security Premium you may ask? There are a few exclusive features which offers a really premium experience, hence the name. One of these features is the 25 GB of secure cloud storage, which you get. And you can also add more if you need it. You can manage your backups from the Backup tab in Norton Security Premium.


Norton Security has some tools for optimizing your computer’s performance. And for this it uses a defragmentation tool, which can speed up your hard drive, a cleaning tool for deleting unwanted files like your browsing data, Windows’ temporary files, etc which will eat up your storage space.

One of the biggest issues amongst computer users, is that the system boots slowly. This is because it may have lot of apps running automatically at startup. Norton lets you manage these start up items, and disable the ones which you think could be slowing the boot up process. If you are unclear which ones should be disabled, don’t worry, Norton Security comes with ratings from the Norton Community, where people rate apps and mention if the start up items can be disabled or shouldn’t be (in case of some system related components).

More Norton:

This is the dashboard from which you can manage your Norton account. Norton Security Premium, allows you to use the same license on up to 10 devices including PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets, and you can add them to your account using this tab. As a bonus, you get a 100% virus free guarantee from Symantec, which entitles you to free technical support (24×7) (conditions apply)

If you wish to customize how the security Suite handles the antivirus detection and removal, or firewall rules, antispam settings, hit the gear icon in the top right corner of the main screen to access Norton Security Premium’s settings.

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