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Keeping your computer at its optimum speed is a difficult task. It requires a lot of work, if you are planning to do it manually. As we browse websites, download files, watch videos, stream music etc, the data gets accumulated on the hard drive and eats up the storage space.

This reduces the performance of the computer, and the disk itself becomes fragmented. Then there is the Windows Registry. Each and every software which you install on your PC, stores some information in the Windows Registry. These could be necessary for validating the license, or some settings, or some feature additions like a context menu item, or something. The problem is when you uninstall software, not everyone of those delete the keys they created, so there are redundant entries left behind.

Some people say that this does not affect the performance of the computer. But you can clearly see it, when the remnant entries cause some delay during system start-up or general usage of the computer (non-existant program registered as a file extension handler, right-click menu entry remains, start menu folders are left over). I could list a lot more, but let’s leave that for you to decide.

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Speaking of slow start? How long does it take for your computer to start up? A minute, two? Wasn’t it faster when you bought it? Wish you could make it run faster? As fast as it was on day one? No, you don’t have to reinstall Windows for that. All you need to do, is install the right software which can improve the performance of your computer. What we recommend for this, is Norton Utilities by Symantec.

The program’s interface is really good looking, and has a nice light colored theme. It has five tabs to navigate, and each houses a few settings.


This is the main screen of Norton Utilities, and displays the status of your System’s health. There is a speedometer in the GUI which the program uses to indicate the performance of the computer. There is a 1-click optimization option, right below this, which does exactly what it says. It also displays the next steps to improve the speed of your computer.

This module will run the default tools of the program, which cleans the Registry, Delete Private Data, apply Windows Optimization, defrag the hard disk and analyze which applications are unused. For more control over the performance and settings of the software, you may want to use manual controls.

The lower half of the screen has some tools for improving the performance. The first of these is Smart Defrag, which is the Disk Defragmenter option, the software comes with. You can set Norton Utilities to automatically defrag it when the ocomputer is idle. Running the defragmenter reduces file fragmentation, that is, the data on the hard drive, is stored in clusters closer to each other, thus improving the read and write speeds of the drive.

Next, is the Windows Startup tool. This analyzes how fast your computer boots, and includes a timer for the current and previous start up times. You can improve this by using the other tools in Norton Utilities.
Below it, is the Windows Optimizations option, which shows the staus of the module, i.e., whether the PErformanc eProfiles are active or disabled.  There is a privacy status indicator on the bottom right corner of the main dashboard.


This section has individual tools (which are used in the 1-click optimizer). The options here are:

Clean Your Registry, Compact Your Registry, Defragment Disks, Optimize Windows, and Boost Your Windows Startup. The first one deletes invalid registry items, the second option defrags the registry, the third one speeds up your hard drive.  Optimize Windows analyzes your PC and suggests optimizations to improve the overall performance of the operating system. The Boost Startup option, lets you enable/disable programs from running at start up.


This section has options to clear your Windows history, clear your browsing history, and also clear traces of third-party software. Additionally it can also bleach your hard drives (so files which have been deleted are not recoverable), and a file shredder (which does the same for individual files (instead of drives).


This section lets you recover lost data, including deleted files, and also lets you scan for and delete duplicate files from your hard drive. It can also scan your drive for errors and repair them. Norton Utilities creates backup copies of your Windows Registry, should something go awry. The Recovery section can help you restore these registry backups with ease. You can also uninstall unused software using this module.


This is the last tab of the program, and this section is very useful, if you want to disable some of options in the various modules of Norton Utilities. For example: the 1-click optimization tools.

This is the reason why we mentioned taking control of the modules, when we talked about the 1-click optimization. Not everyone wants all of the options to run at once, right?
For example, you may want to save your browsing history, logins, etc. In that case,  disable that particular setting (for the browsing cleaner), and use the others to optimize your PC.

So this is handy, and you can also disable multiple options from this screen. It also lets you select the language of the program’s UI. An important setting available here, is that you can change the scheduler’s running time to suit a time of your choosing. Likewise, you can also change the settings of the Registry cleaner, Privacy tab, Shredder, UnErase, Uninstaller and Smart Defrag as well.

Using Norton Utilities will let your computer boot faster than ever, deliver a smoother performance, and also help keep your data away from any trackers or hackers.

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