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As part of NovaStor’s long lineup of dedicated backup solutions, NovaBACKUP PC provides an unprecedented level of support for all your file archiving requirements. With the ability to create full, differential, or incremental file backups, save content to various storage devices or cloud-based services, and restore backed up content either completely or partially, NovaBACKUP PC provides that much needed functionality missing in alternate backup applications. Not just that, but you also receive comprehensive customer support as well as free access to FirstBackup and SITaaS.

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Backing Up Files

NovaBACKUP PC features multiple ways that you can use to archive and secure your files. While you get your standard options for backing up individual files and folders — documents, pictures, music, videos, favorites, etc. — the application also features the ability to backup system settings and entire hard drive partitions. An additional feature known as Disaster Recovery further lets you create mirror images of your PC’s system drive to combat instances of OS failure. While you can perform manual backups of files, folders, and partitions, NovaBACKUP PC also features an Express Wizard mode that conveniently walks you through each facet of the backup process.

Available Modes

When backing up files, you have the option to choose between three separate modes — Full, Incremental, Differential, or SnapShot. In Full mode, you can create complete copies of items so that you have an integral backup in cases of data corruption. Rather than performing file backups repeatedly whenever you make any changes to the source files using Full mode, however, you can choose to use the Incremental and Differential modes to only write the changes to the original file backup, thereby saving valuable time. Alternately, the SnapShot mode exists for instances where you want to recover the system to an earlier state — akin to Windows Restore — but without the need to back up files to alternate devices.

Customizing Backups

Various other features exist that allows for a completely customized backup procedure. For example, you can choose to compress content while backing them up to save space on the backup device, verify files after copying them to prevent backup errors, include or exclude various file types from being backed up using wildcards, etc. If you are interested in securing your backed up content from unauthorized access, you can choose to encrypt data using military grade AES 128-bit, AES 192-bit, AES 256-bit, or Blowfish 448-bit encryption. The inclusion of a task scheduler further lets you streamline the entire process so that you can have content backed up regularly even when you aren’t at your PC.

Supported Storages

NovaBACKUP PC lets you back up content to any local storage device that you want to — hard drive partitions, LAN storage drives, external hard drives, flash drives, etc. In addition, the backup utility also gives you the option to save to various cloud storage services such as OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive just as you would to any other local storage device, though your Internet connection speed may determine how long it actually takes when uploading very large files. In a welcome move, NovaBACKUP PC features its own cloud-based backup solution by partnering with FirstBackup and SITaaS, where both service providers give you access to 2 gigabytes of free cloud storage space, with additional volume available for purchase.

Restoring Files

NovaBACKUP PC makes it extremely simple to restore backed up files by giving you access to two separate modes — Device Mode and Time Mode. In Device Mode, you can select any device that have backed up content and restore just select files or items in their entirety — the presence of a File Explorer-style pane makes it much easier to navigate files and folders in backup devices. Alternately, you can use Time Mode to restore files to an earlier state by manually specifying the date that you want the backup utility to restore your files to — all created backups are available for this procedure, where you can either choose to use all of them for complete restoration, or just select devices for partial restoration.

Image Restoration

When looking to restore items from hard drive partition images that you have created, NovaBACKUP PC features its proprietary Image Backup wizard that lets you open image files and restore files to select destinations. You also have the option to create virtual hard drives to back up content to — in cases where you have images of your PC’s system drive — so that you can boot the file using VM software. If your system is in complete lock down, you can also opt to create a boot disc that automatically opens the Image Backup wizard at system startup so that you have the option to restore your PC to a working state.

Should I Buy It?

With NovaBACKUP PC, NovaStor cements its legacy as one of the frontrunners in the PC backup industry. Its uncanny ability to back up content to almost any storage device, network location, or cloud storage service, combined with multiple back up modes — Full, Incremental, Differential, and SnapShot — that saves time in the long run, makes it an exciting and versatile application to use. That, complete with premium features such as free access to the FirstBackup and SITaaS cloud storage services, and around-the-clock technical support, further sweetens the deal that makes getting NovaBACKUP PC a no-brainer.