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Worried about losing your data in the event of a hard drive failure? Concerned that you may have to reinstall Windows due to system corruption? Looking for an application to back up your files to the cloud? If that’s the case, then NovaBACKUP PC may suit your needs perfectly.

Whether it’s using various backup modes to archive your files, creating disk images to secure entire hard drive partitions, or restoring content back to their original sources, NovaBACKUP PC makes protecting your PC against data corruption a breeze.

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User Interface

NovaBACKUP PC features an uncluttered user interface that groups all available features under clearly defined tabs. Under Home, you can find the status of your NovaBACKUP PC installation — recent jobs and scheduled jobs — and access to the Express Wizard, Image Backup, and Cloud Backup options.The Copy tab, on the other hand, lets you simply copy files to other directories, while the Backup tab gives you access to all the backup features that the application has on offer. All restore options are listed under Restore, while the Logs, Schedule, and Device tabs lets you browse through program logs, scheduled backup sessions, and connected storage devices, respectively. Finally, Status lets you check the ongoing status of any backup operation, while Support gives you access to the NovaCare support portal.

File Backups

NovaBACKUP PC features an unprecedented level of support for all your file backup requirements. With an intuitive file backup panel, you can instantly select the items that you need backed up, and then specify a storage destination to send out your files to — you can, for example, select individual files, entire folders, or complete hard drive partitions as back up sources. The application also features the ability to back up your computer’s system registry to ensure that registry corruption doesn’t put your PC out of business. When restoring files, on the other hand, the application features two modes — Time Mode and Device Mode — that lets you either manually search and recover files or specify the application to automatically restore everything up to a certain time period.

Storage Devices

NovaBACKUP PC supports a plethora of storage devices that you can back up your files to, be it your hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, etc. In addition, the application also supports network-based NAS drives, as well as cloud-based storages such as OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Further, the application features built-in support for the FirstBackup and SITaaS cloud storage services, where you can securely back up your files using FastBIT technology that provides significant faster performance when compared to alternate providers. Both FirstBackup and SITaaS also give you access to two gigabytes of free storage space, with additional volume available for purchase. While the available storage plans are quite expensive, the integration of both services into the application and the advantages in speed and performance is worth it.

Image Files

In addition to backing up data the normal way, NovaBACKUP PC also includes an additional feature that lets you back up entire hard drive partitions to image-based file formats. While creating normal file backups can help you restore items in instances of data corruption, creating image-based backups ensure that you can have your PC up and running even in the event of a hard drive failure. NovaBACKUP PC also lets you back up the system drive that contains the operating system to image-based formats so that you have a complete backup in cases of operating system failure, where you can then choose to directly boot into the Image Backup Wizard and have the system drive restored via its image file in no time.

Backup Modes

NovaBACKUP PC features three separate backup modes that you can use to save ton of time — Full, Incremental, and Differential. While all initial backups are done using Full mode, any subsequent backups can be completed faster by using either the Incremental or the Differential modes. In Incremental mode, only changes that are made to the backup sources since the last Incremental backup will be made, while in Differential mode, all changes since the last Full backup gets saved. Using both these modes, you can make short work of backup stuff up after making minor changes, and save a considerable amount of bandwidth when backing up to cloud-based storage services. The application also features a backup retention mode, where you can automatically remove any outdated backups done in Full mode to save on storage space.

Should I Buy It?

NovaBACKUP PC serves as the ideal solution for all your backup requirements, thanks in a large to its multiple backup modes, supported storage devices, and disaster recovery features. By letting you intelligently restore backed up items using Time Mode, Device Mode, or boot discs, you can be assured of the safety and security of your files at all times. With additional features such as file compression, data encryption, and free cloud-storage services, you can’t go wrong by grabbing NovaBACKUP PC.