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NovaBACKUP PC, California-based software developer NovaStor’s answer to file corruption and data loss, completely encompasses all aspects of PC backup and restoration. Whether it’s copying files to local storage devices, creating system backup images to combat OS failures, compressing items to cut down on storage space, or encrypting data to prevent unauthorized access, NovaBACKUP PC does that and a whole lot more. Thanks to a super-intuitive user interface that streamlines all facets of available features, you can have your entire PC backed to any location of your choosing in no time.


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Backing Up Files

NovaBACKUP PC gives you the option to back up your data in various different ways. You can, for example, choose to copy entire hard drive partitions or just select files and folders using three different modes — Full, Incremental, and Differential, though you do have to back up your data using Full mode first before you can use the other two modes. While Full mode lets you copy items in their entirety, you can simply continue using either the Incremental or the Differential mode to back up any subsequent changes, thereby saving both bandwidth — in cases of online storage backups — and time. The application also features the ability to create image-based backups of system drives as a means to protect your PC from operating system failures.

Supported Storage Devices

When it comes to selecting a storage device that you want to back up your files to, NovaBACKUP PC’s options are virtually limitless. While you can back up files to any partition within your hard drive, the application also lets you copy files to external hard drives, flash drives, and to any storage device connected on a local network — NovaBACKUP PC features its own network connection wizard that conveniently lets you add in available network storage locations. Since local storage devices are prone to failure, NovaBACKUP PC gives you an additional layer of protection that most other applications don’t provide — the ability to back up content to cloud-based storage services. If you have access to OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or to any other cloud-based service provider, you can have you files with you wherever you go.

Customization Features

Rather than simply letting you back up your files, NovaBACKUP PC also gives you access to various other options that allow you to determine exactly how you want your files backed up. For example, you can choose to apply file compression to cut down on file size on your backed up data archives, enable or disable access controls lists to determine permission levels, apply filters using wildcards, dates, sizes, and attributes to include or exclude certain file extensions, etc., just to name a few. One noteworthy feature is the application’s ability to protect your data using AES or Blowfish encryption cyphers — AES encryption provides up to 256-bit encryption, while Blowfish takes it even higher with support for 448-bit algorithms. If you aren’t present at your PC, you can also configure the application to send you notifications via email in cases or backup errors or warnings.

Restoring Items

NovaBACKUP PC gives you access to a range of file restoration capabilities. You can either use Device Mode to scan connected devices for backed up content, and restore individual items or entire data archives, or you can switch to Time Mode and specify the application to use all available backups to restore your files to any date of your choosing. When restoring entire partitions that have been backed up as images, however, the application lets you use a built-in applet called the Image Backup Wizard, where you can either choose to normally copy items to specified destinations, export content to virtual hard drives so that you can mount them on VM software, or copy them to different PCs. In cases of system failure, however, the application lets you create a boot disc that lets you get into the Image Backup Wizard at system startup, where you can then use your image files to restore your operating system immediately.

Premium Features

In addition to the various backup and restoration methods that you have access to, the application also features a couple of unique premium features. By giving you access to dedicated cloud storage services in the form of FirstBackup (US-based) and SITaaS (German-based), you get up to two gigabytes of free cloud storage space on both service providers that you can back up your files to — while the amount of free storage space is quite low, you can purchase additional storage space if you do require it. On the other hand, purchasing NovaBACKUP PC also entitles you to NovaStor’s NovaCare portal, where you can receive technical support around-the-clock for all your backup requirements.

Should I Buy It?

The amount of backup features that you get with NovaBACKUP PC is quite astounding. Not only does the application allow you to perform normal file backups, but you can also create complete archives of entire partitions to combat hard drive and operating system failures. With the wide-variety of backup destinations that the application supports, be it local storage devices, network-based drives, or cloud-storage services, NovaBACKUP PC provides much of the convenience that alternate backup applications lack. Not just that, but the backup utility’s restoration options ranging from simple file recovery to complete system revival make it the perfect fit for all your PC backup requirements.