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Have you heard about computers which were attacked by malware, and the aftermath which it caused? Data loss, is no joke. It can happen to any computer, which is why we need to be prepared. The best way is of course to backup your data.  We recommend using NovaBACKUP PC, because of the incredible features that it comprises of.

Yes, it does support restoring an entire PC, with the Disaster Recovery option, which can be a real life saver, and also saves you a lot of time from reinstalling Windows, and your other programs.

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You can backup your data to various cloud services including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SaveSync, iDriveSync, Amazon S3 Cloud, etc. If you own an FTP server, you can use that too, or alternatively store the data on your local storage solutions, such as an external hard drive.

Nobody but you can access the data, because NovaBACKUP PC secures your files by encrypting the backup with a 256-bit key.

Working with NovaBACKUP PC is simple, thanks to the user-friendly interface and the brilliant wizard option. You can use it to select what type of backup task the program should run, i.e., a full backup which saves all data on the computer, a differential backup which regardless of whether the content was edited or not, after the original backup task was done. If you want the backup to sync the changes which you made, like renaming, edited the data, you may want to choose the incremental backup option.

The backup job which you selected can be scheduled to be run at a time and date, which you find convenient, and the program will execute the task automatically.

You have an equal amount of control over the backup’s restoration process too. So, in case you want to recover certain files, you can choose only those, and get them back. We found that the program is really fast to run backups and also when restoring the data.

But if you ever need help, you can contact the tech support from the program, or call them, or write to them over email.