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Being prepared for a data loss scenario, is always an excellent habit. You should frequently backup your most important data, but mostly we forget to do this, don’t we? NovaBACKUP PC is the best wayy to deal with this, because it can backup the data automatically.

This is done with the help of the built-in task scheduler, which can be used to select the frequency of the backups, the time and date when the task should run. You can also select what the job should do, I.e. take a full backup of the computer, or run selective backups, etc.

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Using the application is pretty easy, thanks to the wizard. So, you can in a step by step basis, choose the exact folders which have to be backed up by the program. What if you want to backup all the contents on  the PC? We’ll give you a hint, what is the program’s name. That’s right, NovaBACKUP PC can be used to take a complete backup of the computer.

This is extremely useful, in case of a big problem like a malware attack, or a system crash, you won’t lose your data. You can use the Disaster Recovery option, to restore all of the data from the backup. Unlike system restore and other solutions, the restoration process of the program is much faster, and so is the backup process.

This is not just a local storage backup, you can set a cloud storage service as the backup destination. And the application supports Amazon S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, iDriveSync, SafeSync, or even your own FTP server, so you can save the backup anywhere you want to. You can backup virtual machines such as VMWare, Hyper-V using the application, and restore them whenever you want to.

The program uses a 256-bit encryption algorithm, which is of military grade, to protect your data with a password, that you set.

NovaBACKUP PC is probably the only backup application which has a dedicated technical support team, working 24 x7, ready to assist you via the support option in the program, or on phone or through email.