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How do you backup your important data? Manually copying them to a USB drive or uploading them to the cloud? While those methods work, they are not very efficient. What you need is an automated one, that you can set to run backups at the time and frequency (daily, every week, etc), which you pick, like NovaBACKUP PC.

The program has a wizard, which you can use to select every step of the backup process, from the data which needs to be saved, where to save it to, when the task should be run, etc. You can also choose between the full backup, differential backup, and incremental backup.

The full backup will include everything you selected, including any files which have been modified, renamed, etc. The incremental backup only saves the changes made after the last backup task, will sync the previously backed up data, to match the modifications made to the files. Likewise, you can selectively restore data which the program backed up.

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NovaBACKUP PC can also be used to save all the data on your computer, not just the folders you select, everything, from Windows, your applications, etc. If you have virtual machines on Hyper-V or VMWare, you can back them up too. You can set the destination for the backups to be a local storage device like your PC’s hard drive, USB hard drives, or save the data on your FTP server, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, SafeSync, iDriveSync, etc.

And the program adds a layer of security to the backups, by encrypting the data with a 256-bit algorithm.

So, if you are migrating to a new computer, or changing the hard drive, or trying to recover the data after a malware infection, you can do that easily using NovaBACKUP. The program excels at creating and restoring backups faster than other similar software.

Still worried on how to use the application? Don’t worry, NovaBACKUP PC entitles you for free tech support from the company, at any time on any day of the year. And you can contact them on phone, or using email, or simply in the GUI’s support tab.