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If you are migrating to a new computer, and find that reinstalling Windows, applications, and moving your files to the system, to be a tedious task, you should consider backing up the data using NovaBACKUP PC.

You can completely backup the contents of your hard drive to the cloud by using the built-in options to sync with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, SafeSync, Amazon S3, etc, or onto an FTP server too. If you are worried about storing the data on the cloud, you will be happy to know that you can save the backups locally too.

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The program creates backups about 4 times faster than other programs can. The speed of restoring  backups is equally good too, and you can restore single files too, in case you want to recover a previous version or accidentally deleted a file. A complete PC restore is possible thanks to the Disaster Recovery setting. This is very important feature, which can be useful when your computer fails to boot or crashes, or has been the victim of a malware attack. The application protects your privacy, by encrypting the backups with a 256-bit Advanced Encryption System.

NovaBACKUP PC has a simple GUI, which you can get accustomed to, in just a matter of minutes. And you can choose different types of backups, according to your requirements. For example: Full backups save all the data that you select. So, if you picked a folder and edited the files in it or not, all of the data will be backed up.

If you only want the changes you made to your files to be backed up, then the incremental option is the one you need.  There are many options to choose for the backup, including the time when the backup tasks should run, so the program will automatically run the task as per your schedule.  You can also define the frequency of the backup tasks.

The company offers free tech support 24 x7, so you can phone them or send an email requesting assistance , or just use the NovaBACKUP PC interface to contact a technician whio will help you.