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Ever since email was introduced, people have been using it as one of their primary means of communication. Over the years, it has evolved into a platform through which official communication, notifications, announcements, have been delivered.

Most offices have gone paper-less, and instead use electronic files and storage. to reduce their carbon footprint, and also to cut down on stationery expenses. Now, this has some limitations as well. In addition to costs which are incurred hardware wise, there are some limits to what software and e-services can do. For example, when you use emails to send documents, photos, etc, you will find that the free email services have severely limited features, and restrictions. Gmail for example, cannot upload files larger than 25MB. So, the obvious workaround is to use a premium email service or your own work email which offers more storage, or to store files on the cloud and then link them in your email.


This is inconvenient to the recipient, in that they have to access a third-party website to download the content. Uploading files to a host, buying extra storage, etc is also expensive for the sender. How do we workaround this issue?

The other solution, and the more sensible one, is to deal with the files themselves. After all, it is the size of the files, which has you stymied, right? So, you need to compress them in a way, they can be uploaded or shared using regular email services. Normal file archivers may help you to some extent, but even the most powerful compression utility often does not reduce the file sizes by half.

Fortunately, there is a software, which is created for this very purpose. It is called as NXPowerLite Desktop.

It can compress files much more effectively, than your regular file archivers. And to test this, we ran a little scenario. I had to send my colleague a collection of files which he wanted urgently. The file size of one of the files, a PDF document, was 29MB, which was a little over the limit of my free email provider.

So, what I did was, open NXPowerLite Desktop, and used the default settings of the application. Look at what happened. The 29MB PDF was reduced to just 14MB, which is 51% smaller than that of the original size. I was curious if other file compression software could do the same, and well, they were nowhere close. Now I could easily attach the PDF to the email, along with the other files, and send it to my colleague in a single email.

Now that you have an idea of the application, let’s analyze the UI and see what it can do.

The main screen of NXPowerLite, has several icons which show what file formats the program supports. This includes PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, JPEG and ZIP. More precisely, it supports all the following file formats:

  • PDF – A/X/E/UA/VT
  • Microsoft Powerpoint – PPT, PPTX, PPTM, PPSX, PPSM, PPS, POTX, POTM, POT
  • Microsoft Word – DOC, DOCX, DOCM, DOTX, DOTM, DOT
  • Microsoft Excel – XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLTX, XLTM, XLT
  • ZIP

While the Windows version of NXPowerLite supports Office 97 and above, the Mac OS X version supports Office 2007 file formats and above.

You can add files using the menu or simply drag them on to the interface, to begin. Once you have finished adding a file, you will see a window, which lists which file is added, and also has some options to optimize the file. You can choose to create the optimized file in the same folder (automatically saved in another filename), or a custom destination of your choice, custom file naming options.

The Profile option is the actual optimization settings, with the following profile options available in the program.

  • Screen
  • Print
  • Screen “no flattening”
  • Print “no flattening”
  • Mobile
  • Custom

Each of these profiles have settings which resize images in the PDFs or Microsoft Office files, to fit a display resolution. This also deletes unwanted information added by the application with which it was created. It can also delete EXIF data from JPEG pictures. The no flattening profiles, will not flatten embedded objects in documents. And you can create your own profile settings with the custom option.

You can multiple files to be optimized at the sme time by holding the shift key, while selecting the files. The add files option can be used multiple times to add more files to the optimization queue. Once done, click the optimize button, and wait until it is completed.  You can also add folders for optimization, using the “Add Folder” option. The remove option lets you delete files from the queue. Alternatively you can easily delete files by selecting them, and hitting the delete button on your keyboard.

The Settings menu option is exactly the same as the one explained above, from the add files or add folder screen.

Now, this isn’t the only way you can use NXPowerLite. Open Windows Explorer, or macOS X Finder. Navigate to the folder or file which you wish to optimize (shrink), and simply select them. Right click on the selection, and select “Add to NXPowerLite”. There are options for “Optimize and Email/Send To”, which you can use to share the files directly. The Optimize > option has options to create multiple copies of the optimized file, and also an option to optimize and backup and replace the original file.

Note that optimizing a file, does not compromise the quality of the file. This efficiency, is what makes NXPowerLite Desktop an invaluable tool. You can test the trial version for free, which lets you optimize 20 files, and can be used for 14 days.

Buy NXPowerLite Desktop for Mac at the best price you can find, and save with our exclusive discount code. It can compress files, which other archivers fail to shrink effectively. And you can use it on Mac or Windows, with the same license.