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We all browse many websites everyday. Most of us have speed internet connections, and don’t notice how long it takes for a webpage to finish loading. But even you, at some point must have had a slower connection where you saw a page finish rendering completely, i.e. a part of the page may have loaded, and the images would load slowly.

You are more likely to observe such lag in pages with video content, which stream or to use the common term buffer, slowly.

What happens in the background is that the web browser you are using, is fetching the data from the website through the internet, by saving them on your computer’s hard drive to display it on your computer, and in turn the website is sending the data from its own computer, called a server. This is essentially a computer with a lot of storage capacity connected to the internet, and the settings, files, etc of a website and its pages.


Now, to the website’s developer and admin, there is a bigger headache. As files continue to accumulate on the server, the storage capacity load increases correspondingly. Naturally, the only thing to do, is to buy more server space, or upgrade existing ones greatly. Now, is this a cost effective way? Absolutely not.

So, how does one optimize a web server? We are not talking about the coding or programming level stuff here, rather we are talking about the performance of the server itself. To do this, you must reduce the file sizes on your server, after all that is what is stressing the server. And for this we recommend NXPowerLite for File Servers.

The server oriented software is quite similar to its file compression program for Windows and Mac computers. Let’s take a look at NXPowerLite for File Servers. It comes with a Quick Scan Utility, which is used for viewing folders, similar to Windows Explorer. Its interface is quite simplistic, and user friendly.

There is a large pane on the left hand side, where the folders and files are displayed. To the right is a sidebar with a few options, and this is where you can choose to “Add a Folder”, or Remove one, from the scanner.

Once you click the “Add Folder” option, you will be able to navigate to the directories and select which ones you want to be added. You can add multiple folders too, and this can also be done from the File menu on top of the NXPowerLite Quick Scan Utility.


When you have the folders selected, hit the scan button in the bottom right corner. The Reports Menu is where you can see all the previous reports generated by NXPowerLite from.

Now coming to the scanner, what it does is that it scans the content of your server and generates a report with a lot of information. This includes a detailed comparison of how your server will benefit after optimization, and in its current form, before optimization. The scan itself is read only, and does not change the files. The comparison report includes a bar graph of the total storage used by server in megabytes, how much it will be after the optimization, how much storage you reclaim from the process.

It even has a similar report and bar graph by a file format basis, which lists how much of server storage space is used by the following formats: PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, JPEG, TIFF, ZIP. Once again you get the breakdown of the file storage in before and ofter optimization for each of the file formats, so you can check which kind of file is eating up the precious storage on your server.

The files it cannot optimize, are listed separately in the unsupported file types, but you still get information about how much of storage is taken up by these files. The comparison report generated by NXPowerLite also gives you the total size of the unsupported and supported file types in statistical data, as well as a neat pie chart. The scanning speed of NXPowerLite for Servers, is quite fast, and unlike other database analyzation software which may take days to scan your servers, NXPowerLite does the job in hours or lesser.

Next comes the optimization process, which is what NXPowerLite for File Servers specializes in. How does this work?

Basically, one it finishes the analyzation process to compile the total list of files, it restarts from the first step and begins the optimization. This process removes excess information from files, which are unnecessary data added by software (such as metadata, and other pretty much useless information ), etc to reduce their file size. This reduces the storage space taken up by the files, and in turn frees up your server’s total storage space, which can then be used for other files, or to speed up your server’s performance.

NXPowerLite for File Servers can adjust the quality of images like the popular JPEG format, resize images to optimal sizes, remove cropped areas from images, and even convert other image formats to the most efficient ones. It can also optimize images inside Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Word, and Excel Files, and PDF documents, and TIFF files which have uncompressed images.

NXPowerLite Works with any storage device, be it a local Windows machine, or a Windows Virtual Server or a dedicated Windows Server. It works with remote servers to including Windows Server, Virtual Windows Server, and on Non-Windows Servers too. You can also use it on non-Windows storage devices such as NetApp, EMC, and it will work with those too.

The NXPowerLite Quick Scan Utility can be used for free to analyze your server, but you need to buy the software to optimize the data.

Buy NXPowerLite for File Servers at the lowest price ever, and save with our exclusive discount code. If your website is facing downtime or lags, a simple optimization may well be the fix your server needs.