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For once, backing up files and folders may actually be fun, thanks to German-based software giant O&O’s attempt at developing the perfect backup utility — O&O AutoBackup Professional. Thanks in large to a user interface that makes creating backup jobs a fun and intuitive experience, O&O AutoBackup Professional lets you secure your files and folders automatically and in real-time — turn your own external storage devices into real-time backup devices in no time. Whether it’s simply copying files and folders to an external storage device, or synchronizing files and folders in real-time, O&O AutoBackup Professional makes backing up your files and programs from an arduous procedure into an enjoyable one.

Super-Intuitive User Interface

O&O AutoBackup Professional quite possibly features one of the most unique and interesting user interfaces featured in almost any backup application — you would be surprised at the lack of clutter present. Unlike other application that features numerous options, O&O AutoBackup Professional instead prompts you — just you — to specify the application what exactly needs to be done. With the use of several labeled tabs — What?, Where?, How?, When?, Advanced, and History — you can do just that.

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Simply put, you have complete control over every backup job that you create. The whole backup procedure goes on like this — create a job title, add the backup sources, specify a target folder, select the backup mode — archive, insert, or synchronize — and set the frequency that you want the application to use when backing up your files and folders. You can also specify the application to create log files for each backup session, and even minimize it to the system tray during the backup procedure.

Supported Backup Devices

While you can back up your files and folders to another partition, a hard drive failure can cause you to lose access to your backup archives. To combat that, O&O AutoBackup Professional supports nearly any storage device that you throw at it, be it flash drives, external hard drives, NAS drives, etc. In a welcome move, the backup utility also supports online cloud-based storages — if you have OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox installed on your computer, just select the cloud-storage folder that you want to use. While you can save your data directly to a cloud-based storage provider, O&O AutoBackup Professional provides that important functionality that lets you determine how exactly you want to back up your files — consider it a file manager for your cloud-storage requirements.

Backup Modes

O&O AutoBackup Professional gives you access to three separate backup modes — Archive, Insert, and Synchronize. In Archive mode, you can simply copy your data to any storage device of your choosing by automatically archiving the data into a sub-folder in the “year-month-day” format — consider it your normal backup mode. On the other hand, the Insert mode lets you copy any new files, folders, or changes on subsequent backups without removing any older data, while the Synchronize mode allows for complete synchronization of all new content and changes. If you are backing up to a cloud-based storage service, you can use these three options to determine exactly how you want your content backed up — not just synchronization that’s usually associated with such services.

Backup Frequency

Another important feature that you have in hand is your ability to determine the frequency that content gets backed up to your storage device. The application features multiple options — One-off, Daily, Weekly, When Device is Connected, and Real Time — that lets you do just that. The One-off, Daily, and Weekly options are pretty much self-explanatory, where you can go so far as to determine the exact time that you want your data to get backed up. The When Device is Connected option is of particular importance since the application automatically backs everything up — in case you use the Insert or Synchronize modes — whenever you connect your backup device. Real Time, on the other hand, allows for complete real-time syncing — similar to a cloud-based storage service — if you decide to have your backup device connected at all times.

Advanced Settings

Since multiple backups can cause confusion — especially if stored on the same folder — O&O AutoBackup Professional also features the ability to automatically distinguish your backups from each other. By using the Advanced panel, you can either opt for all backups to contain drives letters to the target paths so that you can easily restore them to their original locations whenever you want to. In addition, if you make backups from multiple computers to a backup device, you can also choose to insert the computer name into the target paths of created backups to easily identify them from the backups of other computers.

Should I Buy It?

O&O AutoBackup Professional may possibly be the most user-friendly file backup utility ever devised. Thanks to a super-intuitive user interface, you can have your own custom backup jobs created in no time — simply put, you have complete control over everything that goes on, be it archiving content, backup up file changes, synchronizing changes in real-time, etc. With support for various backup sources — flash drives, external hard drives, cloud-based storage services, etc. — you can be assured to having your data backed up quickly and efficiently.