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O&O Defrag Professional isn’t just another ordinary file defragmentation utility. With the unique ability to logically discern and separate data into performance critical and non-critical zones, you can be assured of gaining even faster hard drive access speeds when compared to alternate disk defragmenters. A dedicated background module that lets you fully automate everything even while you are working, advanced report management features that allows you stay-in-the-know about any performance developments over time, and extended support for solid-state drives in addition to traditional hard drives, further bolster O&O Defrag Professional’s reputation as one of the best file defragmentation utilities currently available.

User Interface

Thanks to a super-intuitive user interface, O&O Defrag Professional displays everything it has on offer neatly and concisely under separately labeled tabs — Start, Extras, and Options. Under the Start tab, you can gain access to your disk analysis toolset, the QuickStart defragmentation wizard, and various other file cleanup options. Switching to the Extras tab lets you check out some of the additional features present in the application — Cluster Inspector, SSD TRIM Optimizer, Free Space Optimizer, etc. On the other hand, the Options tab provides access to various configuration tools — boot time defragmentation, automatic defragmentation, free space optimization, etc. — as well as certain advanced options — Zone Filing. In addition, you can find all hard drives and partitions listed below, as well as a cluster map that displays the current state of any selected drive or partition.


Defragmenting Drives

O&O Defrag Professional doesn’t just present you with a simple “Defragment” option like most other disk defragmenters. Instead, it provides you with three different options — Optimize, Optimize/Quick, and Optimize/Complete — that allows for a completely customized defragmentation procedure. The Optimize option uses default settings that focus on re-arranging files to maximize any resulting free space. Optimize/Quick, on the other, provides fast disk defragmentation of extremely fragmented files, while Optimize/Complete allows for a much complete procedure after, for example, a lengthy hard drive file overhaul. Two additional methods — Stealth and Space – provide a different take on everything, where Stealth mode allows for a much quieter procedure involving fewer system resources, while Space lets you get the most amount contiguous free space and prevents future disk defragmentation.

Zone Filing

O&O Defrag Professional features one unique feature that completely distinguishes itself from all the defragmentation utilities out there — Zone Filing. By intelligently categorizing data — Windows system files and applications, temporary files and user profile data, and seldom-used files — O&O Defrag Professional separates performance critical and non-critical data into three separate zones. The application includes sufficient free space for each zone that helps reduce file fragmentation in the future while also allowing the hard drive to access frequently-used data much faster. While this feature is of particular importance to the system drive, you can opt to not use Zone Filing for other partitions on your hard drive, although if you do have programs installed on other partitions, using Zone Filing helps out in having a smoothly functioning computer tremendously.

Cluster Map

The hard drive cluster map featured in O&O Defrag Professional is clearly the star of the show. By displaying the storage space on your hard drive partitions in terms of colored blocks — fragmented, compressed, locked, allocated, etc. — you can instantly have a clear idea of the state of file fragmentation on your hard drive. Not just that, but you can simply click on any of the block present in the cluster map and instantly receive a detailed report on all the files and folders stored within it, along with the degree of fragmentation of each file in terms of percentages. A comprehensive Time View module integrated into the cluster map allows you to check the state of your hard drive, which includes snapshots of each drive analytical session performed since installation — also includes a dedicated chart that displays the access speeds of files over time.

Advanced Report Management

O&O Defrag Professional features in-depth analytical and reporting tools that provide for detailed information regarding the state of your hard drive. Simply select a partition and you can view everything regarding storage size, amount of free space available, the number of files and folders present, the amount of fragmented files before and now, etc. Once you specify the application to analyze a drive, you can then receive a lengthy analytical report that displays everything above including all detected files on your hard drive, categorizing them into sections such as Heavily Fragmented, Largest Fragmented, Largest Files, Fragmented, Locked Files, etc. Generated reports can be opened through any Web browser of your choice, where you can save them for review later.

SSD Optimization

If you have a solid-state drive instead of a normal hard drive, then disk defragmentation may not provide that incredible boost in speed that you are looking for. Instead, O&O Defrag Professional features the ability to extend the life of your solid state drive by running regularly scheduled ATA TRIM commands that the drive can perform internally to actively preventing rewriting data that’s no longer required — this reduces the wear down that’s so prevalent in SSDs and also allows for a minor increase in file access performance.

Should I Buy It?

With the ability to defragment disks by logically analyzing and separate frequently-accessed files from others, O&O Defrag Professional differentiates itself from most of the cookie-cutter defragmentation utilities available today. Multiple defragmentation modes, in-depth analytical tools, and support for SSDs further bolsters O&O Defrag Professional’s reputation as quite possibly the best defragmentation utility currently available. However you use O&O Defrag Professional, you can be rest assured of gaining the maximum possible read speeds out of your hard drives or solid-state drives.