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If you are concerned about any potential data losses due to file corruption or PC hardware failure, then O&O DiskImage Professional may just be the best solution for you. Whether it’s backing up individual files and folders to any storage device of your choosing, creating mirror images of single partitions or entire hard drives for a complete backup procedure, or making use of various data archiving techniques to cut down on time and storage space, O&O DiskImage Professional lets you do just that and a whole lot more. Thanks to a super-intuitive user interface, O&O DiskImage Professional makes backing up your data a breeze.

User Interface

O&O DiskImage Professional features one of most user-friendly interfaces present in a file backup utility, separating available options under five different tabs — Start, Drive Operation, File Operation, Tools, and Jobs & Reports. The Start tab serves as the Home screen and presents some of the most commonly-used tools used to back up your computer — hard drive imaging, one-click imaging, individual file backups, bootable disk creation, etc. Drive Operation, on the other hand, lists all disk imaging and restoration tools, while File Operation gives you access to similar options but in terms of normal file backups. The Tools tab presents various miscellaneous options — image file validations, image burning, drive checking, image file conversion, etc. Finally, Jobs & Reports features the built-in task scheduler and detailed logs of previous backup sessions.

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Creating Disk Images

Staying true to its name, O&O DiskImage Professional’s main purpose lies with the ability to create image-based backups of individual partitions and entire hard drives. The application automatically detects all hard drives present in your system — also displays partitions under each hard drive — where you can simply select what you want backed up. O&O DiskImage Professional also features various options that let you customize the backup image — you can, for example, choose to compress backed up data to cut down on storage size, split them into smaller fixed file sizes, apply encryption (AES 128, 192, or 256) to secure your files, etc. Files can be backed up to any storage device, be it to another partition, an external USB storage device, or to NAS storage.

The application features various disk imaging methods that allow you to determine exactly how you want your hard drives or partitions backed up. Either speed things up and conserve storage space by choosing to back up only used sectors, or use the Forensic or Direct Forensic methods for an exact mirror image — encompassing used and unused sectors — of the backup source. Alternately, you can opt to create a virtual hard drive out of the backed up image — ideal for system partitions that you want to mount onto a virtual machine. Unlike other application, O&O DiskImage Professional also includes a disk cloning option that you can use to copy all data just-as-it-is onto another hard drive. If everything starts getting too complex, you can instead use the One-Click Imaging feature to automatically backup your entire computer using pre-defined usage settings.

Backing Up Files

When looking to create simple data backups, O&O DiskImage Professional provides an unprecedented level of support for that exact purpose — unlike disk images, however, O&O DiskImage Professional uses a different type of file structure when archiving data normally. The application lets you instantly select any file, folder, or partition, where you can make use of wildcards to include or exclude various file formats when backing up folders or partitions that contain unwanted items. Similar to disk images, you can also choose to compress items, split archives into fixed sizes, encrypt data to secure content, etc.

Backup Methods

In a welcome move, O&O DiskImage Professional features multiple backup methods that help you save time immensely in the long run. Rather than making complete file backups each time you want to create a disk image or archive data normally, you can instead choose to use the Incremental or Differential methods on any subsequent backups. With the Incremental backup option, you can choose to back up only the changes made since the last complete backup — instead of merging your Incremental backups, O&O DiskImage Professional stores everything separately so that you can have an entire archive of all changes made. The Differential backup option, on other hand, features the ability to back up all changes since the last backup and merge them directly to the backup archive.

Restoring Items

O&O DiskImage Professional makes restoring items as simple as possible. When choosing to restore disk images, you can choose to select your available backups and specify the partition or hard drive that you want to restore the image to — the application also lets you restore disk images to other computers even with dissimilar hardware. When it comes to corrupted system partitions, O&O DiskImage Professional gives you the option to create a bootable disc that lets you select the backup disk image at computer startup for a complete restoration of the operating system. In the case of individual file or folder restorations, you can instantly select the backup archive and determine exactly what gets transferred — individual items or entire backup archives.

Miscellaneous Options

O&O DiskImage Professional features various miscellaneous options that, unlike other backup utilities, provide additional support for all your backup purposes. You can, for example, choose to validate images for errors to prevent unwanted surprises, mount images to extract individual files and folders, convert disk-images to alternate file formats for increased compatibility, merge incremental changes to the original backup images or archives, burn image files to optical discs, etc. The application also features a task scheduler that lets you automate all your backup tasks.

Should I Buy It?

O&O DiskImage Professional features some of the best backup tools that money can buy. With the ability to back up hard drives and partitions to image-based formats, you no longer have to worry about losing your information to hard drive or operating system failures. That, combined with the ability to seamlessly restore backed up items to their original sources make O&O DiskImage Professional one of the best file backup utilities currently available. Various miscellaneous options add a ton of value to an already awesome application and provides incredible value for money.