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If you ever delete an item by accident or lose precious files due to hardware or software failure, you don’t have to give up hope. With O&O DiskRecovery Professional, you can still get your deleted data retrieved using some of the best search and recovery algorithms currently available. Whether it’s scanning for deleted, damaged, or destroyed files using multiple search algorithms, retrieving over 350 different files and types and extensions regardless of the existing file system, or ability to preview certain files before restoration, O&O DiskRecovery Professional lets you do just that and a whole lot more.

Step-By-Step Approach

Rather than using a centralized user interface, O&O DiskRecovery Professional takes on a step-by-step “wizard” form, where you are conveniently walked through all available options. The application automatically crawls and detects all connected hard drives, flash drives, and external hard drives — it even displays even hidden system partitions. After selecting the storage device that you want to recover data from, you can specify exactly what you want retrieved — deleted files and folders, formatted or structurally damaged partitions, or destroyed partitions and hard drives. O&O DiskRecovery Professional then performs a scan of the selected storage device using your search parameters, and presents recoverable items in an easy-to-view folder tree, where you can simply select the item that you want retrieved, specify a target folder, and have the item restored.

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Multiple Search Techniques

Since most files that you want to recover doesn’t fit into one single criteria, O&O DiskRecovery Professional makes it much easier to search for recoverable items by featuring up to three different search methods — O&O UnErase, O&O FormatRecovery, and O&O DiskRecovery (not to be confused with the name of the application). As soon as you select the storage device that you want to scan, you can specify the application on what search method it should use. O&O UnErase is your typical file recovery search mode, where the application scans for deleted entries via the Master File Tablet and reconstructs deleted data either fully, or partially — in the event of data being overwritten by newer content.

On the other hand, O&O FormatRecovery provides for an unprecedented level of support when it comes to recovering content on formatted partitions (even on raw partitions), data loss due to malware attacks, or if you simply didn’t get the desired result through the O&O UnErase mode — O&O FormatRecovery uses advanced search algorithms that recovers data even in the event of missing folder and structure information. Finally, O&O DiskRecovery deploys the deepest scan modes that let you recover data from completely formatted or destroyed partitions. It’s even possible to preview certain files to determine whether you have a good chance of recovering them — pictures, music, videos, etc.

Optimize Data Search and Rescue

Rather than using any one single scan mode, you can opt to turn on all three modes to allow for a more complete data recovery procedure. In addition, O&O DiskRecovery lets you optimize your search results for an overall efficient recovery procedure via three different search criteria — O&O DeepScan, O&O SmartScan, and O&O RawScan. By using O&O DeepScan, you can instruct the application to be even more precise for better search results, though this may result in significantly more time spent to complete the procedure. O&O SmartScan, on the other hand, serves as the opposite of O&O DeepScan, where you can get faster results by not scanning existing files. Finally, O&O RawScan allows you to restore files from formatted drives, though this may increase scan times.

In addition to the various search criteria present, you can also choose to select a size threshold to filter out unwanted files from being restored. When restoring text files, you can opt to specify a character threshold for the application to use when restoring certain items. Further, you can choose to filter out files by file type — with support for up to 350 different files types, you can be rest assured of having the exact type of file that you recovered. Want to recover deleted video files? Just select your video format from the list of file types present and you are good to go. If you can’t find the file type that you want, you can create your own file signature from scratch and use that instead.

Run Instant-Installation

During an emergency — corrupted operating system under a malware attack, for example — where you can’t install O&O DiskRecovery Professional normally, you can instead use the Instant-Installation feature to deploy the application without any sort of prior installation. By moving the application onto a portable storage device — flash drive or external hard drive — you can connect the device onto the target computer and instantly start recovering important files and folders. The instant-installation feature is all invaluable since installing the application normally can cause any files that you want to recover under threat of being overwritten by the O&O DiskRecovery Professional installation files.

Should I Buy It?

Gone are the days when all was lost if files were subject to accidental deletion, operating system failure, or malware attacks. With O&O DiskRecovery Professional, you can have any deleted file recovered immediately via some of the most advanced disk scanning algorithms available today. Not just that, but the application’s uncanny ability to retrieve files from even formatted or damaged hard drive partitions make it one of the best file recovery applications currently available. An unprecedented level of support for multiple file types, deep scan techniques for the best scan results, various file filtering techniques for faster file restoration, and the ability to run without any kind of installation, make O&O DiskRecovery Professional worth every penny that you spend.