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Do you want to increase the performance of your hard drive? Ever felt the need to back up your files as a safeguard against potential data losses? Want something ready at hand to securely delete sensitive data? If so, then O&O PowerPack fits you perfectly. By packing together four different O&O applications — O&O DiskImage, O&O Defrag, O&O SafeErase, and O&O AutoBackup — you can be assured of having all the tools required to keep your PC running optimally, all the while protecting it against potential hard drive and operating system failures.

O&O DiskImage

If you are looking to create both normal file backups and entire drive images, O&O DiskImage fits the ticket perfectly. Thanks to a crisp and clear user interface, you can instantly start backing up individual files and folders to any location of your choice, be it to other partitions, external hard drives, USB flash devices, or to NAS drives — just select the items that you want backed up, specify your backup device, and you are good to go. The same can be said about disk imaging, where O&O DiskImage moves things further with the ability to either back up only used sectors for a faster procedure, or all sectors so that nothing gets left behind.

In the event of a data loss, normal file backups can be restored either in their entirety or by manually selecting individual items from the backup archive. Creating disk images, however, give you the upper hand when it comes to drive failures. With the help of O&O DiskImage, you can have your disk images restored even in cases of dissimilar hardware. In the event of an operating system failure, O&O DiskImage lets you create a boot disc that you can use to select the system image drive and restore it for a complete OS restoration procedure. The application also features disk cloning abilities that let you transfer entire hard drives or partitions in their entirety to different hard drives.

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O&O Defrag

Windows operating systems do an abysmal job at keeping your hard drive in top shape. Due to poor read and write procedures, files become severely fragmented over time, thereby allowing for poor hard drive performance. With O&O Defrag, you can have your hard drive up and running optimally in no time. By featuring up to three different disk defragmentation modes — Optimize, Optimize/Quick, and Optimize/Complete — you can choose between a quicker, but partial defragmentation procedure, or a complete, but more optimized process. Thanks to an integrated QuickStart wizard module, you can also have your hard drive defragmented continuously in the background.

One of the key features that differentiates O&O Defrag from the large number of cookie-cutter defragmentation utilities out there is its ability to logically differentiate between high priority files — operating system files, user account data, registry items, etc. — from other low priority files. Dubbed Zone Filing, O&O Defrag lets you apply it to any drive that contain operating systems or program files, where it then automatically defragments files by rewriting both high-performance and low priority files separately. It does, however, leave enough space for all file categories to expand to, which helps limit future disk defragmentation.

O&O SafeErase

If you are looking to permanently erase any files, or if you want to simply sell your computer to someone else, you may be worried about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. With O&O SafeErase, however, you can have any file erased securely in no time. By using some of the most secure file deletion algorithms currently available, O&O SafeErase gives you access to six different deletion methods that let you determine how thoroughly you want your files and folders deleted. The application allows you to create deletion lists that you can save and use over and over again to securely delete items faster. O&O SafeErase also extends support to clearing up entire partitions and hard drives, thereby preventing even the most sophisticated of file recovery applications from recovering your data.

O&O AutoBackup

Complementing the already excellent file backups features in O&O DiskImage is O&O AutoBackup. While it doesn’t have the disk imaging capabilities present in O&O DiskImage, O&O AutoBackup instead focuses on giving you complete control over what gets backed up, where it gets backed up to, and how frequently backups are performed. Featuring a simple, yet intuitive user interface, O&O AutoBackup lets you create as many backup jobs as you want. The application supports nearly any storage device that you want, be it an external hard drive, USB flash drive, NAS storage, etc. To prevent confusion, O&O AutoBackup features the ability to automatically label backed up content from multiple computers to prevent confusion.

Should I Buy It?

O&O PowerPack makes optimizing and securing your hard drive a cake walk. If it’s creating image-based or normal file backups, you have O&O DiskImage at your service. On the other hand, you can significantly boost the speed of your hard drive with access to O&O Defrag. Next in line, you have O&O SafeErase, where you can have all your confidential information wiped out in no time. Finally, O&O AutoBackup gives you complete control over every aspect of normal file backup creation. All four applications, if purchased separately, costs significantly more than what you would pay for the O&O PowerPack, thereby making it one of the most attractive data management and drive optimization suites currently available.