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Constantly worried about any unsecure files that may pose security issues to your computer? Concerned about confidential information being recovered even after you delete them? Need to erase all data on a computer before selling it? If so, then O&O SafeErase Professional fits you perfectly. With the unique ability to securely wipe out data using six different deletion methods — thereby preventing even most sophisticated of file recovery applications from retrieving your data — you can be rest assured that any sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

User Interface

O&O SafeErase Professional features an intuitive user interface that almost anyone can familiarize themselves with immediately. Once opened, you are taken directly to the O&O Control Center, where you have the option to perform various actions — scanning for files that pose security risks, creating deletions lists to securely remove files and folders, wiping out entire partitions, deleting free space that contain recoverable data, removing all data on a computer, removing Windows files and programs, etc. To the left-side of the window, you can switch between the various other tabs that are present — Deletion Lists that contain various file lists built-in to the application, Reports that provide a comprehensive history of all deleted items, and Settings that lets you configure how the application behaves.

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Multiple Deletion Methods

O&O SafeErase Professional provides up to six separate deletion methods that let you determine how efficiently the application deletes your files — Highest Security, High Security, Medium Security, Low Security, Lowest Security, and Overwrite Data with Zeroes. The High, Medium, Low, and Lowest Security deletion methods use multiple passes — up to seven, six, and three cycles for High, Medium, and Low, and a single run for Lowest — to delete your data by taking advantage of various security standards such as DoD 5229.22-M E and DoD 5220.22-M. The Highest Security option, on the other hand, uses an astounding 35 runs, taking advantage of computer scientist Peter Gutmann’s deletion standards to ensure that not even the most versatile recovery application retrieves your data. Alternately, Overwrite Data with Zeroes features the fastest deletion times, where it simply uses zero-byte files to overwrite deleted data.

Removing Risk Items

O&O SafeErase Professional features the built-in ability to automatically detect unsecure files that carry sensitive information. By specifying the application to run an analysis of the system drive, you can instantly receive a list of risk items such as temporary Internet files, saved form data, passwords with insufficient encryption, temporary Windows and program files, etc. The application also features the ability to detect unsafe items that were already deleted, but instead has the potential to be retrieved with the use of recovery applications. In addition, O&O SafeErase Professional features dedicated options that focus solely on removing all browser caches and temporary files created by Windows, thereby doubling up as a privacy management tool that automatically takes care of your browsing and Windows usage habits.

Deleting Files and Folders

O&O SafeErase Professional features an unprecedented level of support when it comes to securely removing sensitive files and folders from your computer. The application gives you the option of creating deletion lists by adding any item that you want to permanently remove from your computer — deletion lists can also be saved for later use, which is ideal for instances where you want to keep on removing items that are continuously generated by certain applications or the operating system. O&O SafeErase Professional also features pre-defined deletion lists that you can use to instantly remove various items such as browser caches, temporary Windows files, or both. After creating a deletion list, you can then decide on the deletion method that you want O&O SafeErase Professional to use — either the Highest Security option to prevent any recovery application from ever retrieving your files, the Overwrite Data with Zeroes option for a faster but unsecure deletion process, or any of the multiple other options in between.

Wiping Out Partitions

O&O SafeErase Professional isn’t just limited to removing risk items or files and folders; instead, it also provides unparalleled support in terms of completely wiping out all traces of files from entire partitions or hard drives. If you, for example, want to sell your computer to someone else, but it already carried sensitive information on your hard drive, you can simply specify the application to clean out the partition that carried your sensitive information and you are good to go. Want to wipe out your entire hard drive instead? Not to worry, since O&O SafeErase Professional can boot up at computer startup and wipe out all data on your hard drive using any deletion method of your choice.

Should I Buy It?

Thanks in large to multiple deletion techniques, you can permanently get rid of anything that carries sensitive information, thereby preventing even the most sophisticated of recovery applications from ever retrieving your data. That, combined with the ability to intelligently detect items that pose risks to your computer, support for deletion lists that lets you instantly delete items, as well as unparalleled support when it comes to securely wiping all data from hard drives and partitions, make O&O SafeErase Professional one of the best file deletion utilities currently available.