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Finding it tough to extract data from a secure mobile device? Looking for ways to acquire information from cloud-based storage services? Want to import and analyze the call records of a mobile user? If you are a private or government investigator, then Oxygen Forensic Detective should put you on par with Sherlock Holmes in no time. Whether it’s decrypting mobiles for incriminating evidence, building multiple routes using call locations on maps, analyzing call records for links between users, or parsing data from hundreds of mobile apps, Oxygen Forensic Detective lets you do all of those, and that’s just scratching the surface. Simply put, you can do nearly anything that you want when it comes to dealing with mobile devices regardless of build.

Mobile Data Extraction

Oxygen Forensic Detective’s mobile data extraction features are quite unprecedented. With support for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry mobile devices, you can decrypt the app databases for up to 330 unique applications — spans 2310+ app versions. You can, for example, extract information such as account credentials, contacts, chat conversations, call records, shared data, app usage history, etc.  The application also supports data parsing from apps that belong to various groups — social networks, messengers, Web browsers, navigation, finance, productivity, health, etc. All applications are conveniently separated into two sections — pre-installed and user installed — where supported applications feature extractable data parsed and ready for export to popular formats (PDF, RTP, XML formats, etc.).

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Obtaining Cloud Data

If you want to access secure cloud-based storages for evidence during an investigation, Oxygen Forensic Experts provides you with all the tools to do just that. With support for over 25 cloud storages — iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, etc. — you can either use account credentials or tokens to access cloud data. The application conveniently displays extracted user credentials and tokens in a separate Passwords section for faster access. Oxygen Forensic Detective features various unique options for each cloud storage service that it supports; you can, for example, acquire iCloud data for all devices associated with a unique Apple ID, visualize location information from Google services on maps, retrieve Microsoft account data and analyze information for connections, etc.

Visualizing Locations

As an investigator, you’ll find Oxygen Forensic Detective’s geo-location and visualization features to be of vast importance, especially when it comes down to tracking potential suspects. Basically, you can use all geo-location information that you have at your disposal — data acquired from mobile devices, cloud-storages, imported images, and media cards — and view them via online or offline maps to better analyze frequently visited places and routes, visualize user movements within specific time periods, identify common locations of multiple users, etc. Oxygen Forensic Detective uses both Apple Maps and Google Maps in real time so that you have the most up-to-date location information at your disposal when analyzing data — you can also save maps and use them for offline analytical purposes.

Analyzing Call Records

Oxygen Forensic Detective features proprietary technology that makes analyzing links between suspects a breeze. With the ability to import call data records — both voice and text — regardless of service providers or differences between data layouts, you can use a variety of filters to find out connections between a suspect and other people; the availability of cluster maps further make it easy to identify the frequency of calls between users, and Venn diagrams enhance the analytical capabilities by giving you the ability to further link other users with each other at a glance, while a separate pane lets you check available callers in list form. Other analytical features include filtering out content by data and time, call direction, message type, VoIP application, etc.

Recovering Data

Do you have any suspects that have deleted potentially incriminating call records? Do you need an application that features the functionality to recover deleted email messages? Or do you want to recover the event logs of a particular mobile device? Fortunately, Oxygen Forensic Detective should take care of all those issues in an instant. With the ability to recover call records, email messages, application usage data, event logs, VoIP messages, etc., Oxygen Forensic Detective gives you the upper hand in your investigations even when dealing with tech-savvy suspects. While the application’s recovery capabilities should diminish in instances of repeatedly overwritten data — or where data has been wiped securely — it should be sufficient enough to recover incriminating evidence in most instances.

Should I Buy It?

Extracting mobile information, download cloud data, visualizing contacts on maps, analyzing call records, or recovering data is just scratching the surface with Oxygen Forensic Detective. Rooting Android devices, importing mobile backups, bypassing screen locks, recovering passwords, detecting spyware apps, etc., are a few among the many other features present at your disposal. As an investigator searching for evidence of any suspect that you come across, Oxygen Forensic Detective should prove more than enough for all instances mobile. Thanks to a super-intuitive user interface that lets you analyze incriminating data in an easy-to-view fashion — with Venn diagrams, cluster maps, timelines, etc. — Oxygen Forensic Detective is the ultimate companion for all your investigations.