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What’s the lightest antivirus around for computers? Panda Dome Advanced fits the bill quite nicely, and you can protect your Mac and Windows systems with a single subscription, and also get mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Panda Dome Advanced prevents all forms of malware from viruses, trojans, rootkits, etc and even deadly ransomware attacks, so your computer remains devoid of infections. Panda takes pride in its detection rate, and rightfully so, because the scanner never misses a malware, and also because there are very few false positives.

The program’s antivirus monitors your system in real-time to ensure the device’s safety, all the while using very little of your computer’s memory, so the impact is negligible, even when you are multi-tasking with heavy applications or games. Even USB flash drives which have a malware on them, cannot affect your PC, thanks to Panda’s USB auto-run prevention.

Attacks from the internet are blocked by the 2-way firewall in the suite, which also blocks programs on your PC from connecting to malicious servers. And you can whitelist, or blacklist applications using the firewall’s rules. The Wi-Fi protection option secures your wireless network, to prevent other people from using it, while the Parental Controls are useful for blocking websites which are not suitable for kids, to ensure their online safety.

The Vault in Panda Dome Advanced can store your files safely, so they are not attacked by malware.  Another way to save your data, is by using the Backup tool, to store your files on the cloud, or on to external hard drives locally. The Password Manager included in the PC suite, can be used for securely saving your online logins, so you don’t have to memorize them.

The iPhone app which Panda offers allows you to remotely track a stolen phone. The Android app can not only locate the phone, it can be used to remotely lock the device or to wipe the data on it. You can use the app to take a selfie of the thief, using the theftie option, which could be helpful in the recovery of the .phone.