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If you are looking for an antivirus solution which can be used on both Mac and Windows, Panda Dome Complete, may be the right for you. The application offers fantastic real-time security, capable of blocking any kind of malware, viruses, and even ransomware.

So you don’t have to worry about your PC getting infected. But those are not the only kind of threats, right? Fortunately, Panda Dome Complete has a rock solid firewall which can be set to only allow specific programs to go online, while blocking the rest. And this firewall prevents hackers and malware from sneaking through your network connection.

Even your Wi-Fi is secure, because Panda can block anyone trying to connect to your network secretly. You can use the Vault, to store documents, files, which you want to protect from malware attacks. For additional protection against data loss, you can use the built-in backup tool. And the Password Manager is just as good, to keep your logins safe and secure.

USB devices which contain malware could spread infections, when you plug them to your PC. Not when you have Panda protecting the computer, because it disables autorun and monitors your USB devices, for threats.

Deleting files securely leaving no chances for recovery, is possible thanks to the File Shredder in the program. Panda Dome Complete can also be used for keeping the internet safe for kids is easy thanks to the parental controls, which can block websites which have unsuitable content, or fraud websites.

What is surprising about the application is how light it is on resources, while managing to secure your computer.

Speaking of, Panda Dome Complete can also be used on Android phones and iPhones. The iOS version has a built-in remote tracking feature, which you can use to locate your stolen phone. The Android app also has the same feature, but can also be used to lock and wipe the phone remotely. One cool feature is the theftie, which sends you a picture of the thief.

Panda Dome Complete is without a doubt a very reliable security software, and you will know it when you use it.