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Panda Dome Complete, formerly called Panda Global Protection, is an efficient way to secure your Windows and Mac computers in real-time from virus and malware attacks. This covers detecting and removing ransomware, before they can even impact your PC.

Besides the incredible scanner in Panda Dome Complete, you also get the USB protection, which prevents malware from automatically infecting your devices, when you plug it in. The Wi-Fi protection prevents hackers and other users from trying to access your internet connection.

For more advanced internet security, the built-in 2-way Firewall secures your network communication by blocking malware, intrusions on the internet from infecting your PC, and also allows you to block programs on your computer from accessing the internet.

You can also use Panda on your iOS device to track a stolen phone remotely and on Android, you can remotely lock the phone, wipe the data too. In addition the Android app has an anti-theft alarm and a theftie photo feature, which takes a selfie of the thief and sends it to your email inbox. The app can also block unwanted callers, or keep your family members secure by tracking their real-time location.

Panda Dome Complete has a password manager which you can use to securely to save your login credential, and a virtual vault which can store your notes. The backup tool allows you to save a backup of your important files, to prevent data loss.

TThere are parental controls which you can use to block access to inappropriate websites, prevent fraud websites, and to monitor the internet acitvity of your kids, from the Windows version of the program. You can delete documents and other files securely using the File Shredder, to prevent recovery of the data.

Panda Dome Complete is easy on the RAM, so it doesn’t slow down the PC while you browse the internet, work in programs, or even while gaming.

Panda is bundling in 150MB of free VPN as part of the deal, which you can use every month. You can try Panda Global Protection for free for a month, to see if it is right for you.