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Finding a user friendly antivirus is a difficult job, isn’t it? You don’t have to search for one, because that’s our job, and we recommend Panda Dome Essential for you. Not only can it protect your PC from malware, viruses, and ransomware, it can also do the same to keep your Mac safe from infections.

The real-time protection in Panda Dome Essential is so good, that it never lets a malware slip through its watchful eyes. Even USB devices which are infected cannot harm your PC, because Panda quarantines the malware to prevent the malware from auto-executing the script.

The 2-way firewall in Panda, prevents programs on your PC from phoning home stealthily, and also blocks any attacks which target your PC from the internet, such as hackers. In fact, the Wi-Fi protection which the program offers, secures your wireless network locally, to prevent any unauthorized devices from connecting to it.

You can use the parental controls which Panda offers, to prevent websites which are not suitable for kids, from loading in your web browser.

Forgetting passwords and worrying about the security of your logins, is a thing of the past, because Panda Dome Essential has a Password Manager. The secure Vault which is available in the program can be used to save your notes, away from the reach of malware. And just to be safe, you can use the backup utility to save copies of your most important data.

If you are required to delete files securely, you can use the File Shredder to dispose them, which makes it impossible to recover them back. Not only is the antivirus user-friendly, it is also computer friendly, meaning it does not use much of your system’s memory.

Panda offers apps for iOS and Android, to help you locate a lost or stolen phone. And the Android app lets you lock and wipe the device remotely, and can be used to take a photo of the person who has the phone., using the theftie feature.

What more can anyone ask for from an antivirus? Panda Dome is truly a complete security solution.