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Want to replace your antivirus with something which is more efficient? Panda Dome Premium may be the one you need. The antivirus has a high detection rate, which is accurate when it comes to detecting malware, viruses, trojans, etc. This means there are fewer false positives too, so new applications which are not malicious are not flagged as an infection.

Panda Dome Premium can stop ransomware before they can encrypt your files. This antivirus is available for both Windows and Mac, so you can secure either system with a single package.
We didn’t notice any excessive resource usage when the antivirus was running in the background, so it is light on the RAM.

There is a firewall in the suite, which works in blocking network based attacks, and also prevent leaks from applications on your computer. So, you can manually block network access to any specific program which you don’t want to connect to the internet. The USB protection secures any devices you plug in to the computer, from auto-run malware which the flash drives may be infected with. Your neighbors won’t be able to use your Wi-Fi, because Panda Dome Complete also protects your network from unauthorized usage. You can also use the application’s Parental Controls to block violent and adult websites, so your kids can use the PC safely.

Panda’s password manager is useful to store your usernames and passwords securely, and the Vault can similarly be used for saving important files from being infected. And as an extra security measure you can backup your data using the Panda Backup option, to secure your important data on the cloud or locally on USB hard drives, flash drives, etc.

The Panda iPhone app which is bundled in to the Panda Dome Premium suite, can be used to track a stolen phone remotely. The Android app can do that and more, as in you can remotely lock the phone to prevent the thief from accessing it, and wipe the data to prevent data theft. The theftie photo feature in the app, can remotely snap a selfie of the thief which you can use to recover the stolen phone.