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Panda Global Protection , Spanish software developer Panda’s solution to complete PC protection, encompasses everything present in Panda Antivirus Pro and Panda Internet Security while bringing in even more features — password management, file encryption, file shredding, computer optimization, etc. — to the table. Whether it’s securing your PC against online threats, encrypting files to prevent information theft, tuning your computer for optimal performance, or protecting alternate platforms in addition to Windows, Panda Global Protection lets you do it.

Malware Protection

While Panda Global Protection actively runs in the background and notifies you of malicious attempts instantly, it leaves nothing to chance. With up to three scanning mode available — Full Scan, Custom Scan, and Critical Areas — you can manually search for spyware, trojans, and rootkits hidden away in the various files, folders, and partitions of your computer. You can also automate this process with Panda Global Protection ’s built-in task scheduler. For example, you can configure the application to perform a full-scan of your computer at any time of your choosing, and even set the session to recur multiple times either hourly, daily, or monthly so that you are always protected.

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Internet Security

Panda Global Protection provides full-on protection while surfing the Internet. With its Personal Firewall feature, the application actively monitors all connections to and from your PC, and notifies you of suspicious data transmissions. Not just that, but an additional module called Safe Browsing even protects you while surfing the Internet by preventing you from accessing malicious websites known for phishing and spoofing visitors. Although most antivirus vendors ignore intrusions via local Wi-Fi, Panda Global Protection doesn’t do that. With its Wi-Fi protection module, you can monitor all devices on your network, and prevent unknown devices from connecting and stealing information.

Application Control

In addition to the various active shields protecting your PC in the background, Panda Global Protection features an innovative feature in the form of Application Control. When turned on, Application Control asks for your permission whenever an application starts to run for the first time, where you can either allow or deny it from running. While this may seem like an unnecessary gimmick — especially since Windows has its own User Account Control feature — it serves as the best form of protection against zero-day exploits that slip past active protection shields undetected and spreads infections via malicious executables.

Data Shield

With the Data Shield feature, Panda Global Protection provides an additional layer of security where applications require your permission before accessing specially designated files and folders. You can either manually point out specific folders that need protection, or configure the application to secure file types by extension. You can then determine whether you want the applications installed on your PC from accessing those folders. For example, you may deny access to folders containing sensitive documents so that certain malicious applications — mainly spyware — can‘t steal information.

Tuning Your PC

Panda Global Protection doubles up as the ideal PC optimization utility with its built-in file cleanup, startup management, and disk defragmentation options. With its file cleanup toolset, you can get rid of all those outdated “junk” files — temporary Internet files, system caches, crash logs, etc. — and save valuable disk space. Using the startup management interface, you can speed up boot times by disabling unwanted programs from loading and taking up too much memory. When it comes to improving hard drive performance, you can perform disk defragmentation to create single contiguous files.

Multi-Platform Support

Purchasing Panda Global Protection also entitles you to a single license for the Panda Antivirus for Mac utility that you can use to protect systems running Apple’s Mac OS X. In addition, you can also connect iOS mobile devices and disinfect them right from your iMac, Macbook, or Mac Pro. Not just that, but you also receive full protection on Android-based devices as well — with access to the Panda Mobile Security app, you can protect your Android smartphone or tablet against malware, and even optimize installed apps for battery longevity.

Additional Features

In addition to the malware scanning and online protection tools that you get, the application also features numerous other tools that focus on computer security and management:


If you lose your iOS or Android mobile device, you can log into your Panda user account on any Web browser and remotely use geo-location services — if available on the lost device — to locate it.

Parental Controls

Doubles up Panda Global Protection as a parental control utility, where you can monitor your child’s online activities and block access to inappropriate Web content.

Password Management

Securely saves your login details for the various applications and Web portals that you use, and synchronizes them across devices for added convenience.

File Encryptor

Secures your files on your computer, USB flash drives, or external storage devices using 256-bit AES encryption.

File Shredder

Prevents recovery of sensitive information by securely deleting them from storage devices, hence the name “File Shredder.”

Process Monitor

Displays all processes running in the background, along with the number of inbound/outbound connections at any given time. A security rating given out to each process allows you to determine whether the process is from a secure source.

USB Protection

Allows you to instantly get rid of viruses that use the autorun feature in USB devices to infect your PC. With the “Vaccinate” functionality, USB Protection automatically scans and removes malware as soon as you insert a USB device.

Rescue Kit

With the rescue kit, you can instantly create USB flash drives containing Panda Internet Security, thereby allowing you to clean out severely infected PCs without having to install the application.

Virtual Keyboard

Securely enter sensitive information into online forms via a virtual keyboard as a precaution against keyloggers.

Should I Buy It?

The amount of functionality that you get with Panda Global Protection is simply astounding. Not only does the antivirus utility do a great job at protecting you against threats both online and offline, but it actively gives you complete control over all areas of your PC thanks to features such as Application Control and Data Shield. That, combined with its PC tune-up capabilities, multi-platform support, parental controls, and numerous other features make Panda Global Protection one of the finest antivirus solutions currently available.

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