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While Panda Internet Security focuses mainly on protecting your computer against offline and online-based malware attacks, it doesn’t just stop at that. With a dedicated parental control panel to block inappropriate content, a data shield to secure financial information, and an integrated backup system to protect important files, Panda Internet Security doubles up both as an antivirus utility and as a PC management tool. Further, you receive full-on protection for systems running Mac OS X, and on mobile devices powered by iOS and Android.

How It Works

Panda Internet Security doesn’t rely on just malicious file signatures and heuristics to get the job done. With its proprietary Collective Intelligence technology, Panda users around the world automatically share malware-related information with each other that makes for one huge malware database. Thanks to this feature, severe zero-day exploits are instantly mitigated when compared to traditional antivirus applications that need malicious database updates to even stand a chance.

Multiple Scanning Modes

The application features three separate modes that let you scan for malware — Full-Scan, Custom Scan, and Critical Areas. Full Scan, as the name implies, thoroughly scans the entire system for spyware, trojans, rootkits, and potentially unwanted programs, while Custom Scan lets you scan individual files, folders, and partitions for malware. Critical Areas, on the other hand, only focuses on areas that are the most vulnerable to malware attacks — system memory, browser cookies, operating system processes, etc.

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Automatic Scheduling

Thanks to an integrated scheduling feature, Panda Internet Security allows you to automatically scan for malware using either of the three scanning modes. You can specify the exact time and date that you want the application to kick in automatically, and even configure the session to recur multiple times in the future. Further, Panda Internet Security gives you the option to exclude certain files and folders from being scanned, and specify what exactly to search or look for — compressed files, viruses, spyware, hacking tools, etc.

Complete Application Control

In addition to the multiple scanning modes and automatic scheduling features present, Panda Internet Security also features an additional mode that allows you to completely control how applications function within your PC. With its “Allow” and “Deny” features, you can determine whether to allow or block applications as they start up for the first time — this feature prevents zero-day exploits that use malicious executables from infecting your computer.

Personalized Firewall

Panda Internet Security provides a highly customizable firewall that gives you complete control over how you want to stay protected while surfing the Internet. Whether you are home, at work, or in a public location, you can instantly configure the firewall to stay protected from malicious inbound and outbound connections. With the ability to deny and allow data transmissions on all installed applications, you know exactly what gets sent to and from your computer.


Safer Browsing Experience

An additional feature called Safe Browsing provides another layer of protection while surfing the Internet. With a constantly evolving list of malicious websites — thanks to the Collective Intelligence community — Panda Internet Security block phishing and spoofing attempts so that you can surf the Internet with peace of mind. A built-in whitelist allows you to exclude websites accidentally blocked in error so that you can visit your favorite websites unhindered.

Stops Intrusions Over Wi-Fi

With its Wi-Fi Protection module, Panda Internet Security ensures that no one connects to your computer without authorization. The application shows all devices within the network so that you can actively block unknown devices from connecting to your PC — this feature secures your entire system when surfing the Internet, especially, over public Wi-Fi hotspots. In addition, the application also uses a built-in algorithm to determine the security of a Wi-Fi network before connecting to it.

Parental Controls

Panda Internet Security doubles up as the ultimate child protection utility with its Parental Control feature. When turned on, you get a detailed list of what your child has been up to — most visited websites, most visited categories, etc. Further, you can block access to inappropriate websites via category — illegal drugs, nudity, sex education, etc. — or directly insert the URLs of websites that you don’t want your child to visit.

Online Backup

Pairing up with the Seattle-based backup service Mozy, Panda Internet Security gives you access to its own cloud-based storage solution so that you can back up your most important files and folders to the cloud. With each purchase of Panda Internet Security, you receive up to two gigabytes of free cloud storage, though you can pay for additional space if you do want to exceed the limit.

Supports Multiple Platforms

When you purchase Panda Internet Security, you get the ability to not only protect just Windows-based devices, but also systems running Apple’s Mac OS X. With a free license to Panda Antivirus for Mac, you can secure your iMac, Macbook, or Mac Pro against all kinds of offline and online-based threats — it even features the ability to disinfect iOS mobile devices. In addition, you are also entitled to the Panda Mobile Security app free of charge on Android mobile devices, which you can use to remotely locate, lock or wipe devices, optimize and improve battery life, and gain protection against mobile malware.

Should I Buy It?

Panda Internet Security has the ability to protect your computer against any type of malware-based attack — even zero-day exploits, thanks to its use of Collective Intelligence technology. Multiple scanning modes, versatile parental controls, a highly customizable firewall, and complete control over all applications, possibly make Panda Internet Security one of the most exciting antivirus applications currently available. That, coupled with the ability to protect multiple platforms and free cloud storage backup features, and you get incredible value for money.

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