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How do antivirus software work? They use algorithm’s which help them detect viruses and malware. And for this, they rely on signatures. These signatures in turn are available in the antivirus database, which is usually updated several times, a day.

Using a combination of the scanner, the database signature, an antivirus protects the computer, from threats.

But what if you could use antivirus, which does not rely on the database for detecting malware? That’s why we use Panda Global Protection.

Panda security deals

The software is completely cloud based, which the company is famous for. It is called Collective Intelligence, and as the name suggets, is powered bt the community. Yes, the intelligence is based on the malware detected by Panda Global Protection, which is then sent to the cloud. This shared information, is sent to other users of Panda Global Protection, because they too, are connected to the the cloud.

All this is done automatically, in the background, without any manual work for the user.

Just because it is cloud based, does not mean that it has to wait for you to open files, or access files in a folder to detect a malware. That’s what conventional antivirus do, but Panda is a step ahead.

Panda Global Protection is literally up to date every second, so your computer is protected against every threat, even the latest ones. This is true even against zero day attacks, which no other antivirus can offer.

Inspite of such a strong protection, Panda Global Protection uses very little of resources. So there are no lags, or slowdowns even when you are multi-tasking. Even if you are running a scan you won’t see a performance dip on your computer.

Now, lets analyze the UI. Panda Global Protection’s interface is tiles based, which has a nice light theme mixed with darker tiles.

The UI has three sections, which can be accessed by clicking the circlular buttons on the bottom of the screen, in each of the sections.

The Start page has these options on its left side:

  • Scan
  • Other devices
  • My Products
  • PC Tune Up.

On the right side, the UI has a large pane, which displays the status of the antivirus protection, the number of files in the quarantine, number of files scanned, and the total number of threats blocked.

Let’s check the scan options. It has three scan types:

  • Full Scan
  • Critical areas scan
  • Custom scan

Panda Global Protection’s full scan option, as the name implies, scans your entire hard disk for malicious files. It is the slowest of the three scans, but also the most complete scanner.The Critical areas scan is the default scan option, and is much quicker to complete. That’s because it does not scan all files, but only the areas which are often the target of malware. This includes ative processes, web browser cookies, the memory, and the like.The custom scan option in Panda Global Protection, let’s you scan only the files you want to be scanned.

The Other devices option, on the Start Page of Panda Global Protection, lets you add more devices to be protected by the antivirus.

This can be an Apple Mac or an iPhone or iPad, or even an Android device, and Panda will be able to ptotect the devices from spyware and viruses, theft of data or photos. An Android exclusive feature of Panda, is that it will tune up the device to perform better and extend its battery life.

The My Products icon on the Panda start page, allows you to check the subscription status of the software, your account information and more.

Panda Global Protection’s PC Tuneup option lets you speed up the computer in many ways. For starters, the cleaner tool can delete files from the temporary folder, web browser’s residual cookies and data, and also redundant registry items. You don’t have to run the cleaner manually, if you don’t have the time for it. There is a very useful scheduler, which can automate the task for you. You can define a specific time and day for the cleaner to run. You can use the Boot Manager option in Panda, to analyze which of the applications which auto run upon Windows boot. This will let you disable the items which slow up the start up process.

The defragmenter, in Panda Global Protection, can be used to defrag your PC’s hard drive, which will speed up the performance of the disk, and in turn the operating system’s so your files and programs open much faster.The PC Tuneup screen also lets you check the health report of your PC.

Panda Global Protection’s next screen consists of these modules:

Process Monitor – A task manager which scans active processes for malware.
Safe Browsing – A browser protection tool which blocks dangerous websites
Personal Firewall – A two way firewall which blocks oncoming attacks, and prevents leaks from the PC.
Wi-Fi Protection – Protects your Wi-Fi network from being used by other people or hacked.
USB Protection – Prevents infections from external USB drives, when they are plugged in.
Data Shield – Protects your money and daya from attackers.
Parent Control – Can block inappropriate content, to keep your children safe, on the internet.
Anti-Theft – Helps you remotely track and wipe your lost or stolen Android device or locate a lost iPhone or iPad. Also has a smartwatch app which can take a selfie of the thief.

Panda Global Protection’s third screen has many useful tools such as the following:

File Encryptor – Secure encryption system for your data and USB drives.
Panda Cloud Drive – A secure cloud storage.
Password Manager – A secure password manager.
Virtual Keyboard – Lets you key in usernames, passwords, etc, and prevents key loggers.
File Shredder – A way to delete files securely, preventing their recovery.

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