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What is the first software you install on a new computer? An anti-virus of course, that’s what we all do, because we can’t risk downloading other programs, unless we secure our computer first. That’s the smart thing to do too.

But downloading an antivirus is but the first step, installing it and doing a reboot of the PC to activate it is the next, then of course, you have to update it to the latest antivirus database. You see, that’s how most security software work, and by that I mean the majority of antivirus products.The fact that they rely on a database for virus signatures, makes them not just a tad not as effective, as they need to be updated everyday, or in most cases several times a day.

That’s actually what makes Panda Global Protection, stand out from the crowd, kind of a shining jewel. And why is that. Because it does not have an antivirus database. So how does it detect viruses and more dangerous malware?

panda security offers

Panda Global Protection is a cloud based security software. Instead of using a database stored locally, it uses a cloud based scanner on a server which is used to protecy your computer. The technology behind this scanner, is called Collective Intelligence. The name is a subtle hint on how it works. Collective Intelligence depends on the Panda community, aka the users of the software. By sharing the malware detections on your computer, to the cloud, the technology in turn, powers the rest of the cloud. This is an automated solution, which means yoi don’t have to do anything manually.

This is good, not just because of the Cloud powered scanner, but also because it helps in protecting your system from zero day attacks, aka the latest malware. That’s pretty cool, as you don’t have to wait, for the antivirus to be updated to combat new threats. Say bye bye to your regular antivirus, and use the next gen level of security.

So, this kind of security comes at a price, right? It will use a lot of resources. Absolutely not, Panda Global Protection uses a very small amount of RAM. Even if you are working on multiple applications, you won’t see any differences in the performance. The computer’s response time is unaffected, even when you use the program to run a scan in the background.

Let’s begin with the interface. Panda Global Protection has a very good GUI. It consists of several tiles, which are dark in contrast to the light color theme of the interface. The GUI is divided into three sections. You can switch among them, using the page indicator on the bottom of each of the screens.

The first of the pages, has the following options on the left portion of the screen: Scan, Other devices, and PC Tune Up. The right side of the screen, has the information about the antivirus’ status, how many files are being kept in in the quarantine vault, the number of files which have been scanned, the number of threats which were blocked.

There are three scan options in Panda Global Protection: Full Scan, Critical areas scan and Custom scan. The first option, Full Scan, can be used to scan all of your files. It is a very thorough scan and hence is the slower than the other two options. The default scan option however, is the Critical areas scan. It is very quick to scan and its focus is only on areas of the operating system, which are vulnerable to viruses, such as the memory objects, running processes, browser cookies, etc. The last scan, the custom scan, can be used to select just the specific files, you want to Panda to scan.

You can check your Panda license status, account info from the My Products tile. Moving to Panda Global Protection’s Other devices option, this is where you can extend the antivirus’ security, to other  devices which includes Apple Mac machines, iPhones, iPad, or Android devices, and Panda. Android devices can make use of the tuneup functions and the battery boosting features of the mobile app. iOS and Android devices can be tracked, in case you lose them or they are stolen.

You don’t need any separate system tweaking application, because there is a PC Tuneup module built right in to Panda Global Protection. It can be used for deleting temporary files, folder, browsing data, and to clean the Windows registry. There is a nifty task scheduler, which lets you set the cleaner to run at a particular time you set it to, and it will run automatically. Panda can even speed up the Windows start up time, with its Boot Manager option.

A slow computer is often the result of a slow hard drive, which is usually because of disk and file fragmentation. This is not a problem, because Panda Global Protection, has a defragment utility,  which can help in the drive’s performance being improved. The health report of the system is also available in the PC Tuneup screen in the software.

Panda Global Protection has various other tools in its arsenal. This includes a task manager called the Process Monitor, which can scan for malware in running processes, a malicious site blocker called Safe Browsing, a Personal Firewall which works – A two way firewall which blocks attacks and leaks bothways.

The Wi-Fi Protection prevents outsiders from using your Wi-Fi network or hacking in to it. The USB Protection similarly, prevents USB devices from infecting your PC. The Data Shield can keep your data and money safe from thieves. You can use the Parent Control to block inappropriate content, from kids.

The Anti-Theft module, can not only track and wipe your lost Android or iOS device, but the smartwatch app can even take a selfie of the thief and send it to you. Panda Global Protection also has a File Encryptor, Panda Cloud Drive, A Password Manager, a Virtual Keyboard and a File Shredder.

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