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Every Windows computer user has his or her own methods of working with the device, and in turn a set of functions and tasks. But what is common between everyone? We all have some important files, which we cannot afford to lose.

A good idea to protect such files, is by taking backups. And by these I do not mean you should put them on a cloud storage (you can do so as a precaution). Instead, you should consider storing local backups on an external hard drive or any other form of storage device.

Why is this so important?

Firstly, you must prevent or minimize the risks of data loss. Such issues can occur in various ways, from malware attacks to a corrupted hard drive or even a failed boot of a computer. Just imagine the pain of starting from scratch your important documents (office files, reports, etc), software projects or even some game saves.

Paragon Backup & Recovery Coupon Code

A backup negates such problems, doesn’t it? And you don’t have to manually backup your content. Instead, use a software which is user friendly, and is capable of taking backups regularly on its own, aka, Paragon Backup & Recovery Home.

Let’s take a look at the features in Paragon Backup & Recovery Home


The interface is well designed, with its modern Windows 8 like look, and large tiles. These are more than just user friendly, they actually look good too. And of course, just like with the company’s other profucts, Paragon Backup & Recovery Home also has a full launcher UI, which you can (and should) use for greater functionality, as it has a lot of different options.


Paragon Backup & Recovery Home is not limited to just file backups, as there are a variety of backup options available. You can backup your data in a file level, differential or incremental method. The later only backups up the changes which you made to a file or folder, which is very useful as it is a time saving one.

And this doesn’t affect the performance of your computer, as these happen asynchronously. That is, they aren’t backed up instantly as the changes are written to your hard drive, to help maintain the speed of your computer.

You can also use external harddrives, CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs discs, network devices to store your data. Don’t have a backup option (like an external hard drive)?  That is no problem, as you can backup your data to your existing internal storage, and even create a virtual disk (a VHD or VD in short), in the form of a pVHD partition, a format used by Paragon.

You aren’t limited to backing up your data alone. Want to back up a virtual machine? You can do so. What about an entire hard drive? Yes you can back them up as well, and store them in a virtual disk.

Additionally you can also backup complete disk images as well, which are easier to restore. This form of backup can be done in file level, incremental. These can be useful to copy an entire disk’s contents, to a brand new hard drive or even to a new computer. You can even clone a specific partition and restore it to a new disk too, and this applies to specific folders also.

Some advanced users will have FTP/sFTP network shaing protocols, and these can be used by Paragon’s backup application to store backups or even restore backups from them. One important feature in Paragon Backup & Recovery Home is that it supports Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service, and its own Paragon HotBackup for live backups, which is used for incremental backups and more.

All your backups can be encrypted for enhanced security, and this program offers full support for BitLocker encrypted drives.

Can’t boot to your PC’s operating system? Use Paragon’s recovery media builder to build a Win PE or Linux based bootable backup disk. This can be used to access the PC’s files, and even the contents of backups, thus being invaluable in an emergency. This feature only works on 64-bit computers, but supports both uEFI and BIOS devices.

There is one advanced tool in the program, called the Script generator. You can use this to automate backup tasks, and they will run on your selected schedule. You can even create triggers (conditions), routines, etc to create backup tasks, as it is quite customizable.

Interestingly, Paragon Backup & Recovery allows you to be notified about the status of your backup tasks, this is done thanks to its feature to allow reports from the tasks emailed to you.

Buy Paragon Backup & Recovery Home at the best price, with our exclusive discount code. With its user friendly UI, easy to set backup tasks, Paragon Backup & Recovery Home is truly the best backup software available today.

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