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Hard drives are an essential part of our day to day computing. They perform all the tasks from running an operating system, to storing all of our data. We should care for our HDDs from time to time. One way to do so is run scan the disk for errors, another one is to ensure that it isn’t full, and hence performing efficiently than a full disk would.

People often go a step further and do a complete format of their hard disk, to ensure optimal performance of their computers. Why is this so important? How will a format help improve the performance?

It’s quite simple, as you use your computer lots and lots of files and data get accumulated in your disk, resulting in a slower performance of the device. Merely overwriting or upgrading an OS will not be helpful, as a complete format would.

What is the difference between a format and a disk wipe? An excellent question, a format is normally a simple file deletion process (similar to shift + delete). This erases the files permanently or so. But a good piece of recovery software may be able to retrieve files that were deleted by a format. In short, a format is not very secure.

Paragon Disk Wiper Professional Coupon Code

A Disk Wipe involves two steps: Format + wiping the disk multiple times using some algorithms, so it is impossible to recover the data.

Consider the following scenario. You own a business and you have one or several computers with crucial information. These could be your customer/client information, your secret projects, your product designs or even your financial information.

Let’s say you are upgrading to a newer computer, and you wish to dispose of the hard drive. Can you simply throw it away? No, can you format it and throw it? Probably, but it will not be a good idea, as some other person (say your rival company or a hacker) could recover the files, and misuse them.

If you really do have tons of information which you need to destroy, you could use a shredder at a recycling plant to destroy the hard drive completely. But if you wish to sell the computer or hard drive, there is an efficient way to ensure the data is gone forever.

We recommend using Paragon Disk Wiper Professional for this purpose. It is a complete data wiping package which consists of advanced data wiping algorithms to ensure total privacy , kind of like a software wrecking ball to destroy the data you might say.


The GUI of Paragon Disk Wiper Professional is reminiscent of the company’s Hard Disk Manager software. Disk Wiper has a Modern UI similar to Windows 8’s Start Screen, in that it has tiles for navigating the various areas.

The options available in the Express Mode UI (that is the tiled UI) are:

Wipe Data
Log Saver
User Manual
Full Launcher
Recovery Media Builder

Clicking on the first option (Wipe Data) will initiate a Wipe Data Wizard which allows you to select the hard drive you wish to wipe.

Log Saver is used to report issues in the software to Paragon support.

User Manual as the name suggests is a guide for using the app.

The Full Launcher is actually very useful, because it offers a couple of extra options. This includes the ability to Wipe an entire disk, a separate partition alone and one other function, Partitioning drives. Yes, you can use the application for basic partitioning options like creating, formatting, and deleting partitions, in addition to changing the drive letter.

Paragon Disk Wiper Professional coupon

The Recovery Media Builder option lets you build a bootable USB Flash Drive, with a Win PE or Linux based bootable environment. This can be used to wipe the data on a hard drive which no longer has an operating system. How cool is that?

Data wiping options:

As I explained earlier, wiping a hard drive is a very secure option, because it negates the recovery of files. This is possible because a data wipe overwrites the sectors with random patterns, based on various algorithms.

And Paragon Disk Wiper Professional uses a whopping 9 different standards to erase the data from the drive. This includes those approved by 6 Government agencies, a computer scientist, a cryptographer, and of course, Paragon’s one algorithmic pattern.

US DoD 5220.22-M
US Navy standards NAVSO P-5239-26
British HMG Infosec Standard No.5
German VSItR Standard
Australian ASCI 33
Russian GOST R 50739-95
Peter Gutmann’s algorithm
Bruce Schneier’s algorithm
Paragon’s algorithm.

Each of these use its own overwriting methods with different wiping patterns and number of passes.

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